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It GiRL December 2017

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed's letter

Hello everyone, OK, so you know how I always say that working on It GiRL is so much fun? Well, this issue was so much more awesome than usual because I got to road test all the cool toys and stuff for the Christmas Wish List! OMG. It was the best. Tash said that it was really helpful having me on board the mag this year because having a kid's opinion made it a lot easier to put the list together. Who knew that playing with games and fashion could actually be useful?! Anyway, to check out all the cool stuff that made it into the gift guide, just flip over to page 25. Another cool thing I got to do this month is attend the Despicable Me 3 Blu-ray/DVD release…

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it girl mailbox

LETTER WE LOVE THIS MONTH Hi It GiRL team, I have every single one of your magazines since June 2015, and I plan to keep on collecting them. At my school I am in the basketball team and whenever we are on the bus on the way to a game, I have my It GiRL mag with me and nearly all the team want a turn at reading it. They all love it too! My favourite pages are the cover stories, the cut-outs, Hot Stuff, 10 Things and all the posters. They are the pages I read first, but I love every page in the magazine. ELIZABETH, 11, GOLD COAST, QLD Hi It GiRL, My mum buys your mag for me and I love it. My little sister Raylan also reads my copy of It…

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it girl hot stuff

WANT IT SMIGGLE ADVENT CALENDAR $39.95, SMIGGLE.COM.AU Count down to Christmas with the annual Smiggle Advent Calendar! It’s filled to the brim with 25 days of limited edition Smiggle stationery surprises. Plus, if you find one of 25 lucky tickets inside, you could win a huge $1000 shopping spree! Now that’s enough to make you cheer, ho, ho, ho! WEAR IT SHNOOKS CHARACTER AND ACCESSORY PACKS, $10, SHNOOKS.ZURU.COM Get ready for the opening surprise with Shnooks as they magically grow in size! Pop the bubble, shake, and bring your new best friend to life. Style their hair with the included comb and clip or hook them up to each other and build a friendship chain. Start collecting them all today! LOVE IT FREE BY COTTON ON CHRISTMAS RANGE, FROM $3.95, COTTONON.COM.AU Get into the Christmas spirit with these…

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it girl of the month meet: victoria

FACT FILE AGE: 12 NICKNAMES: Tori and Toria SIBLINGS: an older sister named, Bec and an older brother named, Anton FAVE COLOUR: yellow FAVE SHOP: Typo and Kmart FAVE TV SHOW: Dance Moms FAVE SINGER: Katy Perry and Pink FUN FACTS: • I love swimming • I’m obsessed with elephants • My favourite Disney movie is The Lion King All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS lunch time and my least favourite thing is doing sport. I TAKE ICE SKATING LESSONS. I’ve been taking them since I was seven and I really enjoy them. I don’t plan on being a professional ice skater when I’m older, I just do it for fun. MY BEST FRIENDS ARE Linda and Zoe. We met when we were in kindy and have been friends ever since. Zoe…

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whoa how embarrassing!

FORGETFUL DANCER It was open day at my ballet school which meant the parents could sit in the class and watch us to see how far we’d come. I was very excited because my Mum and Nan were coming to watch and my Nan had never seen me dance before. Everything was going really well until halfway through the class when my ballet teacher started calling out positions which we then had to demonstrate. But I got a total blank and forgot what all the positions were so I just started making up my own. My teacher actually stopped the class and asked if I was okay. It was completely embarrassing! SIENNA, 11, NSW DRESS DRAMA I was shopping with mum and she made me try on a dress. I managed to get it…

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10 ways to be cool this summer!

1 Throw a summer themed party. No pool? Just use a blow-up one for fun! 2 Send postcards! Even if you spend your holidays at home, your friends will love receiving a surprise in the mail. 3 Be active every day by doing fun things like walking the dog, riding your bike, or swimming! 4 Freeze your favourite flavour of juice in ice cube trays for refreshing bite-sized snacks! 5 Plait your hair into tiny braids, then take them out the next morning for cute summery beach waves. 6 Pack a blanket, a yummy lunch and a good book and have a relaxing picnic at your local park or even just in your backyard! 7 Go to wordpress.com to start your own summer blog. Just be sure to check that it’s okay with your parents first. 8…