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It GiRL July 2017

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi guys, I'm sitting here at It GiRL headquarters thinking about how this month has been so cool. First, I have to tell you that I had that slumber party with my BFFs and it was great! We watched some Blu-ray movies (Sing and Trolls) and played games and it was so fun, but on Monday we had to go back to school which was BORING. I know it's important to attend school, but I wish there was some other way to learn. But school isn't all that bad because I love seeing my friends and I really enjoy it when we do craft and make stuff. Anyway, let me tell you all the cool things that are in this issue. We chatted to so many awesome people such as the…

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it girl mailbox

LETTER WE LOVE THIS MONTH Hi It GiRL, I am a huge fan of your magazine and have been reading it for about two years now. I never used to take my copy of It GiRL to school because I didn’t want anyone borrowing it and ruining the pages. Then one day one of my friends told me that she wasn’t allowed to buy It GiRL anymore because her dad lost his job and her parents couldn’t afford it. So from then on I always take my mag to school and that way all my friends have a chance to read it too. GRACE, 10, KILMORE, VIC Hi It GiRL, I broke my leg when I fell off my bike so I’m going to be wearing a cast for at least six weeks, so I’m…

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it girl hot stuff

PRINT IT HP SPROCKET, $199, HP.COM.AU/SPROCKET With the HP Sprocket you can print 2x3” photos on sticky-backed photo paper from your phone, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr via the HP Sprocket App. Plus, you can also edit your pics in the app using hundreds of filters, stickers, frames, emojis and even texts. Trust us, this gadget is totally awesome! LOVE IT DESPICABLE ME MINIONS PARTY GOODS, FROM $2 TO $38, AVAILABLE FROM BIG W, SPOTLIGHT, TOYS R US AND INDEPENDENT RETAILERS Make your next party your best one yet with these fun and oh-so-cute Minion themed goodies from the new Despicable Me 3 party range. It includes, a piñata, balloons, masks, invitations, cups, napkins, and so much more! WANT IT WONDER WOMAN RANGE, FROM $5 - $60, AVAILABLE AT ALL MAJOR RETAILERS To celebrate girl power and the awesome…

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it girl of the month

MEET: Alice FACT FILE AGE: 12 NICKNAMES: Ali and Wally PET: a dog called Coco FAVE COLOUR: pink FAVE SINGERS: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran FAVE APP: Instagram FAVE ANIMAL: Puppies, dolphins and unicorns (especially unicorns!) FUN FACTS: • I can whistle through my tongue (it sounds like an owl!) • I’m the leader of my class • I was humming songs before I could talk • I can’t live without my mum. She is the wind beneath my wings. All About Me I LOVE SINGING. My first performance was when I was seven and I sang Christmas Carols. Now, I am in two choirs. MY BEST FRIENDS ARE LYDIA AND MILA. Lydia is the only other year seven student in the choir and we both also love acting and science. Mila is the nicest…

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10 ways to unleash your inner girl power!

1 Have big dreams. It sounds cheesy, but girls your age are the future. You are in control of the things you want to achieve and what you want to be when you grow up. 2 STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. If you, or someone you know, is being treated unfairly or being bullied, speak up! Same goes for when you have an opinion - voice it, even if it’s different to everyone elses! 3 DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE. If you love tennis, play tennis. Love to dance? Boogie away! Your hobbies and passions help you unwind and are an important part of who you are. 4 Be yourself. Everyone is different and unique and that’s what makes life so interesting. We all have special qualities, so stay true to…

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whoa how embarrassing ! !

BRA DRAMA I was invited to a sleepover for my friend’s birthday and all the girls from my class were there. My mum made me wear a proper bra, even though I’m only 11. I took it off while wearing my PJs, but someone found it and was throwing it around... someone even took a picture of it! I was so embarrassed! My friend has the photo in her album and it’s captioned, “our sleepover mascot”! SERAPHINA, 11, VIC DINNER DISASTER I was out to dinner with my family and I was carrying my tray of food back to my table. When I went to set it down I turned towards the door and saw a boy from my class walk in. I sort of have a crush on this boy so I got…