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It GiRL July 2018

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone! I've had such an amazing month since I last wrote my Editor's letter. I got to hang out with Sofia Wylie from Andi Mack - last issue's cover star! She's currently filming a movie here in Sydney, so we got to meet up and she signed some posters and magazines for us. How kind is she? We had a great chat about all the differences between America and Australia. Turns out, there's quite a few! This issue, we feature the lovely Kira Kosarin on our cover. With news that she's not making any more new episodes of The Thundermans, we thought we'd bring you the low down on what she plans to do next! You can check it out on page 18. We also uncover some backstage secrets from…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL team, You make an awesome mag, can I please have a shout out? My favourite thing about the magazine has got to be the jokes. They’re always so funny and I flick to them first, before I read the rest of the stories. GABBY, 8, VIA EMAIL To It GiRL, I love Taylor Swift. Do you think you can write a story on her in the next issue? I would like to know what she’s been doing. Thanks so much, love the magazine! DANIELLE, 10, CHERRYBROOK, NSW Dear It GiRL, My sister and I both got subscriptions to your magaznie for our birthdays, because we always used to fight over them. Oops! But now we don’t. Just wanted to write in and say hello! JACINTA, 11, VIA EMAIL Hi It GiRL, Loving the magazine so much. I…

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it girl hot stuff

COLOUR IT SHARPIE LIMITED EDITION PENS AND BOTTLE GIFT PACK, $20, AVAILABLE AT TARGET.COM.AU This colourful box comes with 16 Sharpie textas - including 12 brightly coloured Sharpie markers and four vivid Sharpie Neon markers! The limited edition drink bottle has space for you to colour in and draw on your own unique design, for a custom bottle. Amaze! ROCK IT COTTON ON CO. TYPO DISNEY X MICKEY TAKEOVER MINI FASHION BACKPACK, $29.99, COTTONON.COM.AU Typo have been doing some amazing collabs lately, so a Mickey Mouse range was always going to be amazing! We love the cute polkadot design and Mickey silhouette, plus the mini size makes is light as easy to carry the essentials around. WEAR IT SEED HERITAGE RIBBED SCARF, $39.95, SEEDHERITAGE.COM Yes, the weather is cold and it can be annoying, but one of the…

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it girl of the month meet: anastasia

AGE: 9 NICKNAME: Stasia SIBLINGS: Two sisters, Natarsha and Amelia FAVE MOVIE: Pitch Perfect STAR SIGN: Sagittarius FAVE WEBSITE: YouTube FAVE SINGER: Rihanna FUN FACTS: • My fave colour is aqua • I love hearing and telling jokes • I enjoy riding my bike. All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS is seeing my friends and my least favourite thing about school has got to be the stinky boys! I’M CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH cooking yummy foods and doing people’s makeup. I PLAY netball and I also go swimming once a week. MY BEST FRIEND Natasha and I recently went to the aqua park. It’s got all of these cool inflatable obstacles. We had so much fun together! DURING LUNCHTIME AT SCHOOL my friends and I play soccer and handball together. WHEN I’M OLDER I HOPE…

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10 reasons why winter isn’t that bad!

1 Hot chocolate, yummy toasted marshmallows, delicious soups - need we say more? 2 Warm, relaxing bubble baths before snuggling up on the couch with a movie and hot popcorn. 3 Movie madness! Some of the year’s biggest and best movies come out just in time for the winter school holidays. 4 Curling up under your cosy doona and finally being able to wear your onesie again! 5 Fun winter fashion! Snug jumpers, scarves, ponchos, beanies, boots and so much more! 6 Family trips to the snow! Think snow ball fights, skiing, sledding and building snowmen! 7 It’s an awesome excuse to get active. It’s the perfect temperature to exercise, as it’s a great way to keep warm. 8 It’s the perfect season to go ice-skating! You can visit your closest ice-skating rink, but if you’re lucky,…

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healthy living

5 reasons to drink plenty of WATER. • IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. Water flushes out toxins in the body, so when you drink water it helps to keep skin clear and glowing. • IT KEEPS YOU HYDRATED. You need a constant supply of water in your body to keep you feeling energised and to quench thirst. • IT HELPS CARRY NUTRIENTS. A steady stream of water in your body helps carry important vitamins and nutrients around your body. • YOU’LL BE HEALTHIER. Studies show that drinking water helps with digestion. • IT REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE. Water helps to cool you down when you are hot. PINEAPPLES CAN RUIN YOUR taste buds! This yummy fruit contains AN ENZYME CALLED BROMELAIN, WHICH BREAKS DOWN IN YOUR MOUTH AND can destroy your taste buds for a day! DID…