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It GiRL June 2018

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone! It's been another fun-filled month for me in the Editor's chair. I've been working hard with the team to put together this issue, but I've also been playing hard, too! I went along to the Easter Show in Sydney and had the best time. I also got my very own ItGiRL showbag! Did you see it at the show? I was also very excited this month, because it was my birthday! To celebrate I had an amazing dinner and sleepover party with my best friends and my little sister. It was so much fun! But, back to the magazine... This month in the mag, we were so excited to interview Sofia Wylie from Disney's Andi Mack. She sat down with us for an awesome interview (page 18). We also…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL team, I love the magazine, keep up the good work. I love all of the posters in the mag and each time I see someone I really like, I update my wall. I actually have almost a full wall behind my bedroom door covered in ItGiRL posters! Thanks so much! KIMBERLEY, 9, VIA EMAIL To It GiRL, I used to buy my copy of the magazine at the newsagent every month, but now I get it delivered to my house each month. It’s so cool, because I usually get my copy a few days before my bestie, Annie, gets hers. We both love reading your mag and it would be awesome if you could do more stories on Ariana Grande please. ALEA, 11, MENAI, NSW Dear It GiRL, Could you please give me a…

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it girl hot stuff

COLOUR IT KALEIDOSCOPE COLOURING KIT: UNICORNS AND MORE, $19.95, AVAILABLE AT AUSTPOST.COM.AU This magical colouring kit comes with all the supplies you need to turn black and white pages into stunning masterpieces! With a 30-page colouring book, four pastel markers and two glittery glue pens, you’ll be able to let your creativtity run wild! DRAW IT KMART LIGHT UP DRAWING BOARD, $10, KMART.COM.AU Add a whole new dimension to your drawings with this cool light up drawing board from Kmart. Pop some batteries in the back, turn it on, watch it light it up and draw on the surface. You’ll see your pictures glow! The board comes with five special coloured markers to make your drawing glimmer. SQUEEZE IT COTTON CANDY CO. OWL DOUGHNUT SQUISHY, $8.50, JUMBO UNICORN SQUISHIES, $14.95 EACH, JUMBO CAKE SLICE SQUISHY, $16.95. COTTONCANDYCO.COM.AU Squishies…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 8 NICKNAME: Chlo Chlo SIBLINGS: A sister, Mia, and brother, Jayden FAVE MOVIE: Little Rascals Save The Day STAR SIGN: Pisces FAVE APP: Safety Town FAVE SINGER: Katy Perry FUN FACTS: • I can shake my eyeballs • I like guinea pigs • I am a good dancer. All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS that we are always learning new things, and my least favourite thing has got to be maths! I ATTEND DANCE CLASSES EVERY WEEK. I take ballet, jazz and classical dance lessons... I love it! THIS TERM I got to be the Class Captain at school. MY BEST FRIENDS are Isla, Grace, Tahnee, Zoe and Emmaline. We like to hang out and chat and play games in the playground. MY HOBBIES ARE craft, painting and writing stories. WHEN I’M…

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10 things parents just don’t get!

1 Just because you were too full to finish all your dinner, doesn’t mean you don’t have room for dessert! 2 Why you can’t get out of bed on a weekday, but bounce out nice and early on the weekends! 3 Yes, your favourite songs do need to be played loudly... and on repeat! 4 Wearing the same clothes as your sister isn’t cool, but obviously sharing the same outfit with your bestie is. 5 Ringing and texting your friends after school is a must and you really do have heaps to talk about. 6 Text talk. How many times does your mum need to be reminded that LOL doesn’t stand for ‘lots of love’? 7 It’s not that you don’t like homemade sandwiches, it’s just that ordering food from the canteen is so much yummier! 8…

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healthy living

DID YOU KNOW? The air from a human sneeze can travel up to 60 metres! Stay away from people if you can. 5 reasons to try MEDITATING every day. • IT KEEPS YOU FEELING RELAXED. If you have had a stressful day, try taking some time out to think about things that make you happy. • IT CAN GIVE YOU FOCUS. Meditation can help you zone in on things that need your attention, like a big assignment or test. • IT MAY LEAD TO GREAT IDEAS. When you take a minute to meditate, your mind clears... you just might have a brilliant brainwave! • YOU’LL BECOME CALM. If you feel anxious, scared or angry, meditation can calm you. • YOU’LL MAKE BETTER DECISIONS. You might re-think a plan or avoid trouble if you reflect first. IT’S NEVER TOO…