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It GiRL November 2018

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi everyone! I love Halloween! Every year my mum takes me and my little brother and sister trick-or-treating around our neighbourhood. There are always lots of other kids dressed-up and running around hoping to score more lollies as well. It's so much fun! So I was excited when we decided to do some cool Halloween stuff in this issue. We chatted to Nickelodeon star, Daniella Perkins about all things Halloween (page 53), we've got all the deets on the new movie, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (page 24), and we've even included some awesome costume and fashion ideas, too (page 42). Last year I dressed up as a Devil Queen and while I have a few ideas for this year's outfit, I haven't quite decided on my costume yet... stay tuned! Other…

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it girl mailbox

Dear It GiRL, I loved your October issue because you finally put Maddie and Mackenzie on the cover again! I am their biggest fan and they make me wish I had a sister too! BIANCA, 11, BRIGHTON, NSW To It GiRL, I never used to read magazines but then one day my friend brought her It GiRL to school and I totally fell in love with it! Now I make sure I get every issue because it is just too good to miss! Thanks heaps. MADDIE, 9, COOMBABAH, QLD Dear It GiRL, My big sister used to read your magazine but now she is older and reads something else so she gave all her old It GiRL mags to me and now I’m one of your biggest fans! SHELLY, 9, MIDVALE, WA Dear It GiRL magazine, Your mag is the…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT MONOPOLY: CHEATERS EDITION, $39.99, AVAILABLE FROM LEADING RETAILERS, MONOPOLY.COM.AU With this cheeky edition of Monopoly players can try to get away with stealing money from the bank, skipping spaces, and avoiding rent repayments. Plus, each person gets to be the banker when it’s their turn making it easier to try and steal some cash! COLLECT IT SUNNY BUNNIES, FROM $9.99, AVAILABLE AT BIG W Sunny Bunnies is the new show about five little bunnies who fly down to Earth from the Sun to play together. These bunnies are all about friendship, loyalty, working together and fun! The Sunny Bunnies toy range is super-cute and includes adorable plush toys and playsets. Collect them all! PRINT IT LIFEPRINT PRINTER, $149.99, AVAILABLE FROM JB HI-FI The Lifeprint App collects all your photos and videos from your camera roll, Snapchat,…

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whoa! how embarrassing !

LUNCHTIME TRIP It was lunchtime at school and my friends and I were sitting on the grass eating our lunch. It was almost time for the bell to ring so I thought I would go to the toilet quickly before it rang. When I stood up I didn’t realise that my shoelace was undone and that I was stepping on it, so as I went to walk I tripped and landed face down on the grass. My friends made a big fuss about me so everyone was watching and when I stood up I realised my nose was bleeding! I had to go see the school nurse and it was so, so, so embarrassing! ANDREA, 12, NSW PERFORMING MUM I was with my mum at the shopping centre when we bumped into some of…

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it girl of the month meet: zoe

FACT FILE AGE: 10 NICKNAMES: Zo, Zozo, Zozee SIBLINGS: A sister, Mia and a brother, Max PETS: Two dogs, a turtle, six chickens, two goats and three alpacas. FAVE SINGER: Dove Cameron FAVE COLOUR: Yellow FAVE ANIMAL: Turtle FAVE TV SHOW: Little Lunch FUN FACTS: • I was born weighing only one kilo • I have one blue eye and one greeny/brown eye • I love shopping • I’m flexible • I have a funny laugh All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS socialising with my friends. I would say my least favourite thing about school is maths. I GO TO DANCING AND DO JAZZ, ACRO AND CHEER LESSONS. My dance school performed at the Bulldogs and Penrith NRL games this year. At the moment we are learning our concert dances. THE LATEST…

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10 things to do before the end of 2018!

1 Try extra hard at school - you still have a few weeks left to impress the teach and get an awesome report. 2 It’s not too late to try and fulfil any New Year’s resolutions you may have made earlier this year. 3 Get creative. Whip up some handmade Christmas cards for your friends and family. They will love them! 4 Start and finish that book you have been wanting to read. 5 Start saving money so by the time 2019 rolls around, you can buy something really special. 6 Strike up a conversation with someone new at school, footy training or dance class. It’s never too late to make new friends - the more the merrier! 7 Rearrange the furniture in your bedroom, or stick up some cool posters for a fresh new look. 8…