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It GiRL September 2018

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hey guys! All I can say about this issue is Oh Em Gee! This month has been filled with so many cool celebrities. First off I got to hang out with the one and only, JoJo Siwa while she was in Sydney! I was so excited to meet her and a little nervous as well, but I had nothing to worry about because she was sooo nice and lots of fun, too. You can check out some of my interview on our YouTube channel and read all about it on page 26. Also this month, we caught up with our cover star, Peyton List. She chatted to us about her Disney Channel show, Bunk'd coming to an end. I love that show and am so bummed that it will soon be…

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it girl mailbox

Dear It GiRL, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn is my favourite television show, so I would love it if you put Lizzy Greene on one of your covers again. I am a big fan of your mag and can’t wait until the next issue. ANNABELLE, 10, GLEBE, NSW Dear It GiRL, I have been collecting your magazine for nearly a year now. Some of the things I love include going to the movies, swimming, jazz ballet and all things Disney! ALEXIS, 9, AUCKLAND, NZ To It GiRL, My name is Andrea and I am 12. I subscribe to your magazine and every month I get so excited when I get home and find my It GiRL mag sitting on my bed. I am totally fashion obsessed so the first section I turn to are the fashion pages.…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT BEAST OF BALANCE, $149.99, FROM AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC STORES NATIONWIDE This is one of the coolest games we’ve seen in a while. Players choose a piece to play, touch it to the Plinth playbase, then stack it onto the tower. But if the tower collapses, it’s game over! As you stack each piece you can see how it will affect a world on the connected tablet. LOVE IT BUSH BABY WORLD, FROM $16.95, AVAILABLE FROM LEADING TOY RETAILERS There are new Bush Baby realms and characters to fall in love with! The first one is Blossom Meadow which is home to the sweet and flowery ‘Blossom Bush Babies’, and then there’s Blue Rock where Princess Melina’s troublesome sister, Princess Izzabeth lives with her cat, Midnight. Go to bushbaby.world for all the latest episodes and news! WANT…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

DOUBLE WHAMMY I was in class sitting next to my best friend and in front of the boy I liked, and I was trying not to fart. But when I sneezed the fart came out and it was kind of loud. My crush asked me, “Did you just fart?” and I said, “No! I just sneezed!” but my friend was laughing at me because she knew the truth. Luckily it didn’t smell, which is a good thing, and I was a little embarrassed but it could have been so much worse. OLIVIA, 13, SA TROLLEY TROUBLE I was at Woolworths with my mum, my little brother and my little sister. I was sitting in the trolley with my sister and my brother was pushing us around. He started being silly and going really fast…

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10 things you would never admit to anyone!

1 You still like to sleep with your special teddy bear or blanky, especially when you’re not feeling well. 2 You’ve accidentally broken something in the house and never owned up to it, or even worse, blamed your younger brother or sister. 3 During the school holidays you secretly get some T.V. time with Sesame Street or Peppa Pig. 4 You once pretended to be sick just so you could stay home from school, and your Mum totally believed you! 5 One time, not all that long ago, you laughed so hard that you accidentally peed in your pants. 6 Holidays are fun, but you love school and seeing your school friends, so much so, that you always end up counting the days until holidays are over. 7 You love to sing in the shower and…

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it girl of the month meet: elle

FACT FILE AGE: 8 NICKNAME: I don’t have any! SIBLINGS: An older sister, Marley and a younger brother, Mateo FAVE SINGERS: Little Mix and Meghan Trainor FAVE MOVIE: The BFG FAVE COLOURS: Blue and white FAVE APP: YouTube FUN FACTS: • I will eat pretty much anything • I always give things a go • I take and follow clear instructions • I love sports • I’m really good at netball All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS art and my least favourite is maths. I DO HIP HOP AND JAZZ. I am also in a netball team and we play every Tuesday. I’m usually C or GS. THE LATEST COOL THING I DID WAS go to the Great Barrier Reef headquarters in Townsville. I’M CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH slime and dogs. MY BEST FRIENDS ARE…