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KRASH April 2017

The World's Coolest Boys' Magazine!

Nuclear Enterprises Pty Ltd
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Hey KRASH Heads. I hope KRASH is making your return to school a little bit easier and that your bonus Ben 10 Stamper Set is making your school books look heaps cooler! This issue we’re at it again with the coolest comps ever. You can win a brand-new Nintendo Switch console, some Skylanders Imaginators starter-packs and Trolls Blu-rays. We also throw an a-wwe-some WrestleMania mega-quiz at ya! What’s your WWE IQ? Also, who d’ya reckon would win a fight between The Smurfs and The Boss Baby? Check out page 16, then send us an email with your winner at krash@nuclear.com.au! Check out a brand-new skate trick, score an awesome The Avengers comic, read the latest newz, tell your mates our hilarious Rib Ticklers and more. There’s only one mag you…

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speak up

DEAR KRASH, should I love you have guys a TV . You show. I read your comics every month. Eli ‘SUP KRASH, I think you’re awesome! I love Pranks, Shame Shack and KRASH Klash. See ya KRASH. Out! Mitch HI KRASH, pranks I’ve done ! Well all , your not all of them. I have been saving my money to buy a lot of KRASH magazines. Blake DEAR KRASH, Yo! Your mags are the craziest of all!! Every boy (including me) lo ves you! Keep up the awesome work! Myles HEY KRASH, I love ya KRASH! It’s soooooo awsome ta be here! I wish you would make 1,000,000,000 magazines in one day! Don`t ever stop making MAGAZINES! Denzel HOWDY I think that you are the best magazine in the world. I also like that you…

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win dreamworks trolls blu-rays!

MUSICAL ADVENTURE! When their village is invaded by the grumpy Bergens, two mismatched friends must work together in perfect harmony to save the day. Featuring hit songs performed by Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and more, Trolls is the critically acclaimed, feelgood movie of the year! IN STORES FROM MARCH 15. ENTER TO WIN I To celebrate the release of Trolls , we have 10 ‘Party Edition’ copies to give away on Blu-ray . For your chance to win simply go to page 8 8 for details on how to either post or email your entry. Good luck!…

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subscribe today

Good news KRASH Heads – you can subscribe to your favourite magazine and save over 28% off the cover price! Why wait until the mag hits newsagents and supermarkets? Subscribers usually get the mag a couple of days before everyone else, plus it’s cheaper! Best of all, if you get a subscription you can get your parents to pay for it for your birthday instead of having to raid your own wallet every month. Much easier than pestering mum or dad every time you’re in the supermarket! Please note that subscription copies do not include cover gifts. Get KRASH delivered straight to ya door now. To subscribe for a whole year go to: www.krash.com.au/subscribe APRIL ISSUE COMPETITIONS Hey KRASH Heads! You can enter KRASH comps TWO ways! Through snail mail AND through www.krash.com.au-…

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jumbo jumpers

A group of elephants have been treated to hand-knitted blankets to keep them warm at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, northern India. Founder of the centre, Kartick Satyanarayan, explained, “we are making jumpers to give the jumbos in our care some warmth... the elephants care less about fashion and more about being warm.” Currently, it costs the centre around $1,300 per month to provide medical care and a nutritious diet for each rescue elephant. The animals have been rescued by the centre from cruel handlers who trained elephants such as, Laxmi and Phoolkali, to beg on the streets. At the moment, there are around 23 elephants being looked after at the centre with kind-hearted locals offering up their knitting skills to produce bright-coloured blankets for the large…

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super stainless shirt

Reports of a new ‘magic’ shirt claim that the specialised clothing item can repel sweat, never stains and never smells. Creators raising funds via Kickstarter have manufactured the Labfresh shirt which features advanced technology believed to repel bacteria and liquids, meaning the wearer can easily wipe away annoying stains. Product testing has been conducted to expose the shirt to a range of situations including, dancing, cycling, running, as well as, food products such as, ketchup, hot sauce and olive oil. Managing to raise over $140,000 so far on the Kickstarter site, the Labfresh inventors also claim the shirt will last beyond 60 washes without showing signs of wear or damage. The potentially revolutionary product has been described on the website as offering “performance wear to the workplace with a premium…