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win 1 of 10 playstation plus 12-month memberships

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x marks the spot

For quite a long time, Fortnite fans had suspected an earthquake was coming to our beloved island and with it some major changes to the map. So, despite being very exciting indeed, it was not a surprise when the ground started to shake. Then when a giant crack opened up just southwest of Tomato Temple, followed by smaller cracks in other locations, it seemed everyone was right. But there were other events afoot! After weeks of melting away, the iceberg that covered Polar Peak finally revealed the secret it had hidden deep within. It was a magical fire being who was chained up and trapped in the ice. Known as The Prisoner, it was the heat coming off this character that had seen the ice melt. However, it wasn’t long after he was…

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exploring the big map changes

Fortnite is a little bit partial to playing sport. There’s basketball courts, a golf course, golf karts, an ice hockey puck and more to be found in the game. But Epic Games took it to the next level at the Australian Open of Tennis in mid-January. Not only was a new tennis-themed skin released, alongside a racquet that could be used for harvesting resources, but an eSports tournament was hosted right there on the courts. And being that it was all happening in Australia, it was a chance for many of us to see our country’s best players in action against special invitees from around the world. At one point over 20,000 concurrent viewers were watching the Fortnite Summer Smash tournament, not to mention all the people that were there in…

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are you ready for the fortnite world cup?

When the Events tab first appeared in Fortnite, it was a sign of things to come. Clearly the style of play and the huge fan base was going to see Fortnite become a massive eSports hit. At first we started to see mock tournaments appear where people could start testing out their skills. Then real events began and things started to get serious. It was only in the last issue we were talking about a huge Fortnite tournament in Australia. At the Australian Open of Tennis some of the country’s best players gathered in Melbourne to show off their skills. We wonder now how many of those players will go on to compete at the Fortnite World Cup? So what do we know? The qualifiers will run from April 13…

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pro gamer chats - leon “beatmaniac” ren -

WHY DID YOU START PLAYING FORTNITE AND HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD GO PRO? I originally wanted a harder challenge than I was getting in the average PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. I soon discovered I had great aim, a skill that was transferred from my experience in PUBG. So I started to participate in daily scrims for squads. Shortly after that I started to get consistently great results in scrims and Sunday tournaments. This was when I figured I could probably be a professional Fortnite player. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE WAY THE FORTNITE WORLD CUP HAS BEEN SET UP? With two months of qualifications, a weekly prize pool of one million dollars, and the incredible $30 million final prize pool, it’s safe to say Epic Games has outdone itself. Players…

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adjusting to change

With a new jungle biome and a seismic shift to the whole north-eastern region of the island, there are plenty of visual changes to the Fortnite world in Season 8. But there are other tweaks, additions and adjustments you need to get your head around if you are going to continue to earn those wonderful victory royales. So what’s out, what’s in and what’s changed since our last issue? Let’s dive in. A SMALL, BUT VITAL BATTLE PASS CHANGE For the most part, the Battle Pass system has remained the same for Season 8. There’s still 100 levels to make your way through, with rewards every step of the way. However, there is one vital shift and that is the new Party Assist feature. Whenever you start a match, you can choose…