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KRASH February 2017

The World's Coolest Boys' Magazine!

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Hey KRASH Heads. Welcome to school holidays. We hoped you liked the cool new metallic plane shooter that came with the mag. This issue we chat to WWE head-honcho, Triple H, showcase some more incredible 2017 Guinness World Records, KRASH Test the latest new toys and give away heaps of prizes thanks to the awesome new movie Monster Trucks and cool new game, Digimon World: Next Order! Also, who d’ya reckon would win a fight out of Pokemon’s Mewtwo and Rogue One’s Cassian Andor? Check out page 16, then send us an email with your winner at! Check out a brand-new skate trick, score an awesome The Avengers comic, read the latest newz, tell your mates our hilarious Rib Ticklers and more. There’s only one mag you need: KRASH!…

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speak up

Hurry up KRASH Heads! Send us your best emails and drawings NOW! We love getting drawings from you guys. We always do our best to publish as many as possible!. Shoot ‘em through to or write us a letter to PO Box 230, Double Bay NSW 1360. SUP KRASHHHHH?! You’re the best. I Love the skate tips. Now I’m ok at skate boarding. William HI KRASH! HI KRASH, you’re awesome keep making KRASH, LOL. Jared YO YO YO KRASH I love the WWE section in your mag, it is sic k! Pleeeeeeaze put my letter in the mag. From your number 1 fan. Tom, 10, QLD HEY KRASH I like the bits about WWE because I like entering competitions. My favourite wrestler ever is Batista but he’s retired now. I’m your number one…

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digimon world next order dvds

An all-new adventure and story awaits! The Digital World is in despair. Machine dramons are running rampant and causing utter chaos... the Digital World needs your help! Explore and traverse the Digital World to solve a Digi-mystery. Recruit faithful Digi on companions and meet friends along the way to help you on this epic journey. The Digital World is waiting for you... or are you waiting for the Digital World? IN STORES FROM JANUARY 27 – ONLY ON PLAYSTATION. ENTER TO WIN To celebrate the release of Digimon World: Next Order, we have six copies of the game to give away on PS4. For your chance to win simply go to page 8for details on how to either post or email your entry. Good luck! For full terms and conditions please go to,…

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subscribe today

Good news KRASH Heads – you can subscribe to your favourite magazine and save over 28% off the cover price! Why wait until the mag hits newsagents and supermarkets? Subscribers usually get the mag a couple of days before everyone else, plus it’s cheaper! Best of all, if you get a subscription you can get your parents to pay for it for your birthday instead of having to raid your own wallet every month. Much easier than pestering mum or dad every time you’re in the supermarket! Please note that subscription copies do not include cover gifts. Get KRASH delivered straight to ya door now. To subscribe for a whole year go to: FEBRUARY ISSUE COMPETITIONS Hey KRASH Heads! You can enter KRASH comps TWO ways! Through snail mail AND through…

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super suitcase

In the latest technology in robotic luggage, the Travelmate suitcase means you will never have to carry your own bag again. The amazing device can travel up to 10 kilometres per hour and navigates around obstacles and people. Working in a similar way to an autopilot system found in vehicles such as the Tesla car, the Travelmate automatically identifies the quickest route and the most effective way to move around. Fitted with a GPS which connects to a mobile phone application, Travelmate allows its owner to track its location at all times and you can even name it if you feel inclined. Spokeswoman from the innovative company revealed, “it’s a practical companion that helps you and acts as an extension of yourself. One that you have full control of. We’ve…

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decomposing shoes

Well-known footwear company, Adidas, have unveiled a new shoe featuring a biodegradable fabric designed to decompose within hours. Presented recently at the Biofabricate conference in New York, the Adidas Futurecraft Biofabric is manufactured from a synthetic spider silk called Biosteel. CEO of the company AMSilk, who produce the shoe silk, Jens Klein, stated, “With this development we are setting new standards regarding the functionality of renewable textiles.” Using water and an enzyme solution, known as proteinase, the specialty fabric breaks down within 36 hours. An Adidas spokesperson explained, “This process is 100 per cent natural... The shoe would not dissolve if worn in rainy weather conditions, for example, as the presence of proteinase is all important to the process.” The Biosteel fabric is also believed to be 15 per cent…