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Land Rover Monthly

Land Rover Monthly

September 2021

The magazine that covers all you need to know about your Land Rover. Every month our team of experts will bring you inspiring features on inspiring UK and overseas driving and adventures, stunning restorations, technical knowledge and how-to instructions, news, views and opinions on all things Land Rover, old and new!

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why aussies love holdens…

I think last month I mentioned I have a new wiring loom for my 109. I had the best intentions to get it fitted but alas I have not quite found the time. In part the delay is because I have decided to take the opportunity to tidy up the engine bay when I take out all the old wiring. But the big question is, what colour should I paint her? She’s currently pastel green (mostly) and when I bought her she was ‘Camino Gold’ which is very common over here (I’m not sure it was ever an option in the UK, much like Marine Blue was never an option here in Australia). I feel like I want a bit of a change. The colours that came from Solihull are…

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connecting the components

AFTER our Td5 Defender’s body has been safely landed on the newly built-up rolling chassis, it would seem logical to have a set plan on how to go about bolting the body to the chassis, connecting up all of the electrics and reinstating the fluid systems, such as fuel and brakes. However, in practice I have found that there tends to be a fair bit of jumping around. For example, one might have decided to concentrate on fitting out the engine bay as a particular set of tasks for that morning’s work. But here is the speedometer cable tucked out of the way at the bulkhead – it needs to be fed down over the bell housing and on to the transfer gearbox. So the Defender is raised on the ramp…

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destination defender!

THESE days there are theme parks for seemingly everything, yet nobody (so far) has come up with Land Rover Land for fans of the green oval. But if you’re looking for the place where you can find all things Defender, we can thoroughly recommend a day spent at specialists Nene Overland. Nene Overland’s HQ, just off the A1 near Peterborough, is a one-stop shop for owners who want to explore the possibilities of Defenders. Whether you’re looking to buy one or want to consider the options for your own, here you’ll meet the experts to make your dreams come true. Maybe you fancy a mighty V8 engine conversion for your existing Land Rover, or transformation into a winch-equipped off-road beast – or perhaps a home-from-home camping set-up for overland expeditions – Nene…

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one was never enough!

IN life, great things can sometimes grow from humble beginnings, and the remarkable collection of Land Rover vehicles created by Ray Adams is a case in point. There were none of the typical family associations with Land Rovers as Ray was growing up in London in the 1960s and 70s. His father, Les, was a more than capable mechanic but it would be fair to say that this was true of many men in those days, because if you wanted to run a family car you had to be able to maintain it and fix it. Ray grew up helping his dad do just that, with regular weekend servicing and repairs on the street outside the family home. As a result, Ray developed an interest in mechanics and engineering at…

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TOOL CHESTS AND CABINETS PRICE: From £167.91 CONTACT: machinemart.co.uk MACHINE Mart have an incredible range of professional heavy-duty tool chests and cabinets for your workshop, and all feature extra large drawers, double wall steel construction, 5 inch lockable chrome spoked wheels and a reinforced base. Available in several colours. One can even add side lockers from only £95.79. PORTABLE AIR CON PRICE: £298.80 CONTACT: machinemart.co.uk THE Clarke AC10050 is a multifunctional and portable 3-in-1 remote controllable mobile air conditioner/dehumidifier/three-speed fan. It is a quick and efficient way to provide cooling and drying to your Land Rover workshop. Easy to move around to where needed. HOOD STICK SET PRICE: £699.23 CONTACT: johncraddockltd.co.uk LOOKING to convert your Defender 90 into a soft top? This hood stick kit includes the full canvas tilt, nuts, bolts and washers. OFF-LINE SOCKET DRIVERS PRICE: From £14.38 CONTACT: lasertools.co.uk THESE two off-line…

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legends leads the way!

FREEDOM! That’s what it felt like. For the first time in over a year, Land Rover enthusiasts were able to enjoy the simple pleasure of once again doing something that we’d all taken for granted before the pandemic stopped play: driving to a Land Rover show in our vehicles, meeting old friends, wandering around club displays and enjoying a beer in the sunshine. It certainly felt good, although as I was getting ready to leave home I realised it had been so long since I’d last gone away for a show weekend that I couldn’t remember where I’d put my overnight bag! Land Rover Legends was a Covid casualty last year, like so many events, and it must have been a risky business planning to run the event this year, given…