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LIFE Michelle Obama

LIFE Michelle Obama

LIFE Michelle Obama

From her youth on Chicago’s South Side to her years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama showed the world how to lead with kindness and grace. Revisit the glorious, historic era of the Obama White House--and the many roads traveled to get there--in LIFE Michelle Obama, a photo-filled biography and Special Edition featuring beautiful images and discerning text from the editors of LIFE. Follow Michelle’s journey from her years under the tutelage of her mother, Marian, who encouraged her children to be thinkers, doers, and decision makers, to her time at Princeton, Harvard Law, and then back home to Chicago to work for Sidney Astin, where one fateful, rainy day in mid-1989, a young man named Barack walked through the door. Relive their romance, and their time in the Illinois Senate back in early aughts, before the Obamas would become a household, and worldwide, name. In the White House, Michelle would dedicate much of her time to ensuring the next generation of children lived a healthy, active lifestyle, and outside of it, she’d be recognized as a fashion icon on par with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis--with arms that would make a gladiator blush, to boot! For decades, readers have turned to LIFE to see, understand, and remember the most important events and people of our time. Let LIFE Michelle Obama show you the remarkable life and enduring spirit of hope that America’s 44th First Lady has gifted to the world.

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a class of her own

Michelle Obama rocketed into the American consciousness just 15 years ago, shortly after her husband’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention galvanized voters and launched his national political career. In those early days, reporters grappled with how to describe the statuesque wife of Illinois state senator Barack Obama. Some, besotted by her flawless fashion choices, likened her to Jacqueline Kennedy, while others, noting her deep intelligence, invoked Eleanor Roosevelt. But neither description seemed quite right. And from the outset, Michelle evaded classification as a political plus-one, destined instead to become a force in her own right. She was, for starters, never just a senator’s wife. The towering 5-foot-11 Michelle was a Princeton- and Harvard-educated attorney in possession of a sharp wit, formidable ambition—and arms that would make a gladiator blush.…

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moments in a journey

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michelle robinson

It was a blustery winter’s day in Chicago—January 17, 1964—when Michelle LaVaughn Robinson came into the world. She was the second of two children born to Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields Robinson. Both parents were natives of Chicago’s South Side, where they would raise their children and where Michelle would continue to live and be a part of the community until her move out of town—that coming in early 2009 to a magnificent mansion at the esteemed address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Michelle’s parents represent a heartening American story in and of themselves. Fraser’s great-grandfather was a South Carolina slave. Although debt forced Fraser to forgo higher education, he worked to send his younger brother to college. After marrying in 1960, he began a lifelong career in the…

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michelle obama

It is certainly interesting, in retrospect, to note how Michelle’s redirection of her own career had a salutary effect on her husband’s rise in Chicago and Illinois politics. After he had graduated from Harvard Law in 1991, Barack had run a drive in Chicago that registered 150,000 black voters, then had joined the small but politically connected civil rights law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. And now his wife was working for the city in a position that put her and Barack squarely in the center of influential local circles, where they would build some dear friendships and long-standing professional relationships. Almost as soon as Michelle arrived for work at City Hall, deputy chief of staff Valerie Jarrett was promoted to the directorship of the city’s department of…