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Infantil & Adolescentes
Little Angel

Little Angel November 2019

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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1 minutos
la hq

Hi Angels! We’re so glad you’re here. This month we’re celebrating all things spooky with Halloween puzzles, quizzes and craft! So fun. We’re also getting curious and investigating tons of rad things like dolphins and skateboarding. Prepare yourself for lots of learning! If you like movies, you’ve come to the right place – we’re sharing behind-the-scenes secrets from new flicks Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Arctic Justice. COOL! HAVE A WONDERFUL MONTH! THIS MONTH AT LITTLE ANGEL HQ FOLLOW US If your Mum or Dad is on Facebook, they should follow our Little Angel magazine page. We post THE BEST tips and news for families, including: * Recipes and craft ideas * Exclusive giveaways * And lots of cute stuff, including photos of puppies and bunnies! Happy Halloween! October 31st is Halloween. How will you celebrate? You could stick up…

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little angel

Group Editor Amy Vagne AVagne@nextmedia.com.au Writer & Editorial Coordinator Sam Williams Designers Malcolm Campbell, James Murphy, Melissa Wakefield & Dave Williams. Contributors Louise Meers & Margie Wong National Advertising Managers Donna McIlwaine Ph: 02 9901 6384 DMcilwaine@nextmedia.com.au Jill Trochei Ph: 02 9901 6115 JTrochei@nextmedia.com.au Advertising Co-ordinator Georgia Sutton adops@nextmedia.com.au Production & Digital Services Manager Jonathan Bishop Publishing Associate Publisher – Kids Daniel Findlay Publisher Carole Jones Executive Chairman David Gardiner Managing Director Hamish Bayliss…

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la scrapbook

Hey Little Angel, I’m Bianca. I’ve been reading your magazine since I was little! I think I might want to make my own magazine when I’m older. It sounds so fun! Anyway, whenever I get a hold of an issue of Little Angel I usually skip straight to the Blush section! Or quizzes. I LOVE quizzes! I really like how you also inform us all about the new TV shows and movies. I’ll be like “Wow! I didn’t know about that!” Some of the stuff I like to do in my spare time is read, play board games or write my own stories. I don’t have any pets, though I wish I did. I like reading about other people’s pets in the Precious Pets section. Thanks for making Little Angel such…

1 minutos
what’s happening?

MELBOURNE CUP Tuesday, November 5 The race that stops the nation returns for the 159th time! The 3,200-metre horse race is running again this November, and while we’re keen to see who wins we’re most excited to see all the beautiful outfits! Giddyup! SUPANOVA November 2-3, Adelaide Showground & November 8-10, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Supanova hits Adelaide and Brisbane this November! Supanova is a hub for all your favourite video games, movies, cartoons, celebs and costumed characters. There’s something for the whole family! For more info visit www.supanova.com.au…

2 minutos
sew good

Maggie’s Faves Food: Cannelloni. It is so yummy! Movie: The Greatest Showman! I love the singing and dancing. Animal: Sloths! They are so adorable. Hi Maggie! How did you first get started with sewing? I have always loved craft and in Grade 2, I asked my mum if I could do sewing lessons. I love doing the class with all of my friends that are there each week. What sort of things do you make? I make skirts, dresses, pjs, quilts, cushions, bags, scrunchies, head bands, pencil cases, pillows, jewellery organisers and dolls. What are your sewing lessons like? My teachers’ names are Kim and Clarissa. We choose a new project and each week we work on it until it is finished. We learn different techniques and how to use all of the parts of the sewing machine. It’s…

1 minutos
giggle central !

What a pouch potato! “What do you mean who am I for Halloween? I’m Hairy Potter! Get it? ” a riddle… Q: What two things can you never eat for breakfast? A: Lunch and Dinner! a joke… Q: What is the scariest drink ever? A: Tea-Rex! reader joke Q: Why did the banana go to the doctor? A: Because it wasn’t peeling well! a joke… Q: What do chickens eat at birthday parties? A: Coop-cakes! Send in your favourite jokes and you could appear in Giggle Central! Don't forget to include a picture of yourself so we can put you in the mag! LITTLE ANGEL ‘Giggle Central’ Locked Bag 5555 St Leonards NSW 1590 littleangel@nextmedia.com.au…