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Maxim January - February 2018

Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience that celebrates the most beautiful women in the world, thrill-seeking adventures across exotic destinations, world-class sports and entertainment, prestige autos, speed-seeking rides, cutting-edge industry titans, exceptional artists and athletes, the latest gadgets, gear + style—and did we mention... beautiful women?

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fashionably on time

A beautiful timepiece on your wrist has always been a fashion statement, and it’s never been easier to accessorize in style, with top fashion brands producing exquisitely designed watches. Salvatore Ferragamo offers a visually appealing contrast between its blue face and guilloche dial, and its gold accents. It’s a hybrid smart watch that can connect to your mobile device for activity and sleep tracking. The Michael Kors Lexington achieves beauty via its monotone simplicity and, thanks to its stainless steel bracelet strap and bezel, its durability. Not to be outdone, the Louis Vuitton Voyager is crafted from 18k pink gold, featuring a deep-blue dial with pink-gold accents, and a blue alligator strap. The Hugo Boss Navigator takes the modern chronograph look to the peak of refinement, with a scratch-resistant sapphire…

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the perfect pair

In Italy, two national obsessions—fine footwear and il calcio, a.k.a. soccer—are finally coming together: Members of AS Roma will be kicking off their muddied cleats for leather dress shoes from Fratelli Rossetti. The Lombard shoemaker synonymous with Italian elegance was recently named the formal shoe partner of the famed Rome soccer team. Players will receive customized shoes with their name inscribed on the soles, which they will wear off the field during all official appointments. “We are proud of the partnership with AS Roma, a name that represents Italy all over the world,” managing director Luca Rossetti said in a statement. “The idea is to link the brand with the world of sport, the first love of our father Renzo. Not everyone knows that it was with technical sports shoes that…

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experience necessary

If the computing power of an iPhone is enough to send a man to the moon, the multiple computers on modern supercars might be able to solve the conundrums of quantum physics. These cars’ systems are constantly monitored and analyzed, allowing them to adjust for maximum performance and enhanced stability. But more important: That technology is what allows us nonprofessional drivers to get behind the wheel (at least those of us with the means). Noble Automotive will have none of that. If you want to drive their hand-built M600, you’ll need not only the $281,000 it costs, but the skills to keep the 650 horsepower thunderbolt on the road and out of the ditch. Noble has forgone the typical driver assists; you won’t find stability control or even anti-lock braking. Only…

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j. paul getty

J. Paul Getty, the billionaire brains behind Getty Oil and erstwhile richest man in America, created one of the world’s greatest private fortunes. He also left a lasting legacy in the arts while building his empire. His private art collection swelled into the Los Angeles museum bearing his name, and he established the J. Paul Getty Trust in 1953. Today, the Getty name is a world leader in visual art research and conservation efforts. The late captain of industry will also have a posthumous presence this awards season, thanks to All the Money in the World (Dec. 25), director Ridley Scott’s retelling of the kidnapping of the magnate’s grandson John Paul Getty III. Based on the 1995 book Painfully Rich by John Pearson, the movie details Getty’s decision not to pay…

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down under upward

Everybody knows how to get out of Oz—just follow the yellow brick road. At this point, the path from Australia’s local acting community to Hollywood fame is practically a well-trod thoroughfare. Starting in the 1980s, folks like Nicole Kidman and Mel Gibson made the antipodean voyage, and they were soon followed by wave after wave of improbably good-looking blokes and sheilas, all practicing their North Midland accents. And as with any good immigrant community, they will occasionally lend one another a hand. At least, that’s what Ben O’Toole discovered when Gibson cast him alongside a slew of other Aussies in 2016’s Hacksaw Ridge. O’Toole is poised to become the latest to go from Down Under to the top. He stars in 12 Strong (in theaters Jan. 19), based on the real-life…

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port’s revival

Welcome, port, back into the spotlight after so long a sojourn in the shadows. While the fortified wine hailing from Portugal’s Douro Valley is appearing as a trendy ingredient at cocktail bars, the best stuff is meant for sipping. So while port may be “new” once more, let’s be thankful that some exceedingly old stock has survived long enough for its current revival, offering a perfect opportunity to begin exploring. “Port has an amazing array of nuances,” says Cristiano van Zeller, whose family has been in the trade since 1620. His company, Van Zellers & Co., sourced the casks for what would become the Centenario Port Duo, 1870 and 1970, for the Last Drop Distillers. The duo consists of two choice colheitas, or single-harvest tawny ports, from the same cellar along…