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Maxim January/February 2020

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SARDAR BIGLARI Editor-in-Chief special creative adviser GILLES BENSIMON art & design director GUILLAUME BRUNEAU executive editor JARED PAUL STERN deputy art & design director PAUL O’DEA european fashion director CAROLINE CHRISTIANSSON contributing senior features editor NICOLAS STECHER contributing features editor KEITH GORDON contributing editor DUNCAN QUINN contributing writer JORDAN RIEFE contributing writer TIM STRUBY contributing research editor JORDAN N. MAMONE contributing research editor BARBARA KEAN special lifestyle editor ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO senior vice president of sales & marketing SUSAN KILKENNY senior vice president of sales LOUIS COLETTI vice president of brand partnerships ADAM WEBB southeast director JIM YOUNG west coast director JEFFREY RINNA west coast director LARRY STEVENS vice president of events and experience GERALD PACHECO senior vice president of new business lines ART GONZALEZ digital director CHRIS WILSON deputy digital director STEVE HUFF staff writer BRANDON FRIEDERICH entertainment adviser NICK CANNON vice president of operations KAI OLDEROG…

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the kings of custom

Spike Lee and Lenny Kravitz are not ordinary men, nor would we ever expect them to wear ordinary watches. To say that they are individuals who put their unique stamp on everything they touch is understating the case. Even a rare vintage Rolex Daytona would be a bit too quotidian a timepiece for a pair of idiosyncratic geniuses and true icons who have had such a profound effect on our culture. A unique, bespoke Rolex Daytona with one-of-a-kind design details that acts as both an homage to classic watchmaking and a contemporary expression of timekeeping, however, is the perfect accessory. Of course, there are very few horological design houses that could, or would, carry out such a commission. Bamford Watch Department and MAD Paris spring to mind. But there is only…

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high octane

1. Christophe Fenwick Driving Gloves Parisian classic car and motorcycle collector Christophe Fenwick decided to create his own line of luxurious leather driving gloves because he couldn’t find any that were stylish enough to suit his rides. He developed an exclusive method of applying a patina to the leather to give some of the gloves a lustrous vintage look. The Type E model retails for about $310 via www.christophefenwick.com 2. Hedon Motorcycle Helmet Hedon’s handcrafted helmets are classic retro and racing style retooled for the modern gentleman. Designed in London, some offer anti-fog double lenses, and three-channel ventilation, and all offer leather linings, wide field of views, and killer looks. The Heroine Racer 60’s model is a spot-on tribute to the Swinging ’60s that is fully road legal for the USA. $899 via…

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molto veloce

This just may be the most beautiful modern café racer on the market today. And although many a café racer has an impressive story, the Magni MV Agusta 750S Tributo probably takes the cake. Handcrafted in Italy by a family with MotoGP in their DNA going back decades. Meccanica Verghera Agusta, aka MV Agusta, was born in 1945 in the village of Verghera, Italy, as an offshoot of an aeronautics company founded by Count Giovanni Agusta in 1907. In 1970 they began producing what many petrolheads would say is the most beautiful Italian production bike ever made, the 750S. With its distinctive red, white, and blue livery it is still as eye-catching today as it was then. Unfortunately, by the end of 1976 MV Agusta was falling into decline and its race…

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road warrior

No American-made car has won first overall at the 24 Hours of Le Mans since Ford’s legendary sweep from 1966 to 1969 with its iconic GT40s. Former film writer, director and Wall Street money manager Jim Glickenhaus has made no secret that he plans to change that, and the new Glickenhaus 007 from his Sleepy Hollow, New York-based Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus marque might just make it happen. The FIA Endurance Commission, a joint venture by Le Mans governing bodies FIA and ACO, has announced that racing variants of road-legal hypercars will compete in the replacement of its top LMP1 prototype class starting in September 2020, opening the field to the likes SCG 003C became the only privately-manufactured race car ever to score pole position at the famed 24h race at Nürburgring,…

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the american whiskey rebellion

It’s hard to miss the veritable explosion of American whiskies popping up on the shelves of your neighborhood spirits shops and watering holes lately. Even casual observers have probably spotted a dozen new labels of native browns, while enthusiasts are eagerly licking their lips at the scores of new options available. There are so many, in fact, that some aficionados are suffering from fatigue. Eager to dig deep into the varied offerings of the new American whiskey landscape, we recently sampled over 100 bottles from across various categories to find those worthy of closer attention—and a healthy pour. “Given the growth of interest in American whiskey and proliferation of craft distilleries, as well as new products by large distilleries, it’s clear we’re in a golden age of whiskies,” David Ozgo​, Chief…