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Maxim December 2016

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It’s not cold enough for my winter coat, but I can’t stand my peacoat. Any good suggestions for coats/jackets for the fall? A gent ought to be prepared for any temperature or weather. Nothing looks worse than a guy in a suit scurrying coatless down the avenue in the snow. For seasonal versatility you might go for a trench coat or raincoat with a zip-in lining. Check out Burberry or, at a lesser price, London Fog. One of the great sartorial trends of the last decade is that contradiction in terms, the “slim puffer,” which manages to offer the warmth of goose down in a low profile. They come in vests or jackets, they’ll fit under your regular gear, and they’ll warm up any look. They were invented by the fashionista…

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canyons, cocktails, and ocean views

You don’t need to travel to an exotic location to experience adventure, natural beauty, serene sunsets, and that sense of exhilaration that comes when you’ve reached the top of the mountain that overlooks the sea. When your mantra is “Forever on Vacation,” it becomes a state of mind you carry with you everywhere—even when you’re home. When I don’t go to Brazil for the holidays, I create my own vacation in my hometown of Los Angeles. And of course, it usually involves the ocean. Malibu is legendary for its beaches, Santa Monica has mountains, Venice is full of amazing restaurants, and Brentwood has so many delicious dessert spots. Here are some of my favorite places to visit and a few things to do at home (my gift guide!) that make you…

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glenn o’brien’s library

A new age of illiteracy has overtaken us. It’s hardly surprising, as reading has been losing favor with audiences for decades, first to radio, then television, then supertelevision—i.e., cable with hundreds of choices—and now the infinity of the Internet. It might be argued to the contrary—that the Internet has made us superliterate by putting vast troves of information at our fingertips—but let’s be accurate: It is a wealth of information, but it isn’t organized. There is no curriculum. There are no guides. You’re on your own in that data jungle. To learn, to be polished, to acquire culture is still best achieved through books. And even if you don’t read them, books will impress those you encounter. Chances are, visitors to a book-crammed home will assume that they have stumbled upon a sophisticated…

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dune raider

Turn any desert, trailway, or backwoods into your personal playground with the latest off-road machine from Can-Am. The Maverick X3 Turbo R lets you attack sand dunes with reckless abandon, thanks to a 900-cc, threecylinder engine featuring a turbocharger and an integrated intercooler, with 154 horsepower to tackle extreme inclines or tear across terrain of dubious quality. Combined with a lightweight chassis, this is enough to power the X3 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. The Maverick X3 is an SSV, or side-by-side vehicle, providing the performance and mobility of an ATV while enabling multiple riders to join the adventure. It features a suspension system that’s ready for anything, and keeps its steel frame from bottoming out with the help of Fox 2.5 Podium Piggyback shocks that allow for…

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king of the off-road

Imagine you’re driving across a desert wasteland. Hundreds of inhospitable miles stand between you and your destination. The land is rugged and the roads—the few that exist—are unreliable at best. That repair station in the distance? A mirage. Better pray you’re driving one of these fiberglass monsters from Jimco Racing. With a body inspired by the Ford Raptor, the Class 6100 Trophy Truck Spec is designed to handle the very worst that races such as the Baja 1000 can throw at it. With 26-inch wheel travel up front and 32-inch at the rear, it has no problem speeding over rocks and other obstacles. If you hit a boulder, the 39-inch racing tires can absorb the impact and keep you in the race. Although the truck gets just 2.5 to 3 miles…

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kelly slater’s next ride

In the predawn chill of December 5, 2015, Kelly Slater pulled on his wetsuit, grabbed his board, and dove into the water. Although Slater, an 11-time World Champion surfer, had taken a similar predawn plunge countless times before, this morning was different. With onlookers that included fellow World Surf League pros Nat Young and women’s champion Carissa Moore, the 44-year-old paddled out and caught a wave that may turn out to have been the most groundbreaking ride of his life. Carving up and down the face with the smooth slashes of a fencer’s blade, Slater dipped into the wave’s barrel. There, crouched in what surfers call the “green room,” Slater rode for what seemed like an eternity. As he emerged from the tube, he triumphantly threw up his arms while the crowd…