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Maxim June - July 2015

Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience that celebrates the most beautiful women in the world, thrill-seeking adventures across exotic destinations, world-class sports and entertainment, prestige autos, speed-seeking rides, cutting-edge industry titans, exceptional artists and athletes, the latest gadgets, gear + style—and did we mention... beautiful women?

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the hot issue

WHAT’S HOT NOW? Well, me, for one. I’m delirious, slumped over in the ER, while a nurse tries to find a decent vein in which to insert the IV to hydrate me. My temperature is 103, and it’s been blazing for three days. The irony’s not lost on me that I’m also feverishly on deadline for our Hot issue—traditionally Maxim’s annual survey of the hottest people on the planet. As we set about assembling the issue, it became quickly apparent that there’s more to being hot than good looks (a fact amply demonstrated by my fever). Heat isn’t static. It moves, flowing like a current from one body to another. Heat is urgent and transitory. It’s defined by context, by the surrounding environment. Culturally speaking, to be hot, you must be relevant—in…

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is your palate man enough for sour beer, the latest obsession of beer geeks?

Six years ago, Patrick Donagher put sour beers from the legendary Belgian brewery Cantillon on tap at his Manhattan bar, the Jeffrey. “I had five of the best sour beers on the planet,” he says, “and nobody fucking drank them.” No wonder: “Sour” back then was what we called a Natty Light lost in the back of the fridge; super-hoppy IPAs were the beer geeks’ obsession. But now they’ve discovered the advanced complexity of sour, an ancient brewing style utilizing little-known yeasts. “Everyone’s going crazy for them,” Donagher says. Rookies should start with the deep-red Rodenbach Grand Cru, which balances tartness with malt and fruit, and then graduate to the barely sweet Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge. STYLING, L AURA MAZZA; HAIR AND MAKEUP, MISHELLE PARRY/CELESTINE AGENCY USING TARTE MAKEUP AND KEVIN…

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the cajun gimlet

Chris Hannah, bartender at the clubby Arnaud’s French 75 Bar in New Orleans, recommends jazzing up the classic vodka gimlet with Tabasco and cracked pepper for a spicy summer upgrade. This refreshing warmweather cocktail is easy to prepare and ideal for your next barbecue or outdoor dinner party, where its boozy heat is a welcome complement to soaring temps. INGREDIENTS 2 ¼ oz Stoli vodka ¾ oz Rose’s Lime Cordial 2 to 3 dashes Tabasco Lime wheel and fresh cracked pepper DIRECTIONS Shake all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Grind fresh cracked pepper on top and garnish with lime wheel. Repeat as necessary.…

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raising the bar

Long Island Bar BROOKLYN Toby Cecchini is credited with inventing the cosmo, but we’re more impressed by the lounge he co-owns. It’s a perfect midcentury time capsule. But instead of roustabouts knocking back shots, you’ll find a stylish crowd of locals— including staffers from Hillary’s nearby campaign HQ—clamoring for reinvented standards like the Long Island gimlet (with ginger) and the Trinidad oldfashioned (with boiled apple cider). Lounge Bohemia LONDON Hidden between a kebab shop and a newsstand in East London, the subterranean Lounge Bohemia features a quirky Eastern Europe–in-the-’60s aesthetic and an even quirkier Czech owner. Reservations are made by calling his cell, and there is a no-suit policy, which keeps rowdy banker types at bay. Try the Holy Smoke, VSOP cognac with frankincense-andmyrrh smoke, served in a flask hidden in a Czech bible, or…

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the bourbon and brandy

To liven up a bourbon cocktail, blend it with Armagnac brandy, which just might be the hottest craft spirit of the moment. Brandon Ristaino, owner of the Good Lion in Santa Barbara, California, describes his bourbon and brandy as a stronger French twist on an old-fashioned. “This cocktail really satisfies after dinner and just feels like a leather kiss—which is a good thing, trust me,” Ristaino says. Pucker up. INGREDIENTS 1 oz bourbon (Elijah Craig 12 Year preferred) ½ oz Armagnac ½ oz Pedro Ximénez Sherry 2 dashes Angostura bitters Orange twist DIRECTIONS Pour liquids into mixing glass. Stir with ice for 30 seconds, then strain into chilled cocktail glass. For a decadent finishing touch, flame the orange peel and place into cocktail. Start sipping.…

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turn it up with our globetrotter’s guide to the best nightclubs in the world.

Los Globos LOS ANGELES Every weekend, this compact, two-story dance floor dive in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood draws a dedicated party crowd with its marathon DJ sets, including the occasional surprise performance from heavyweights like Skrillex and Moby. In addition, Los Globos hosts live indie shows, from old-school R&B to death metal to psychobilly, every night of the week. Get there early to beat the line—which on Fridays and Saturdays snakes down Sunset Boulevard. Berghain BERLIN Housed in a former power plant in an industrial part of the city and rigged with one of the most powerful sound systems on Earth, Berghain is where Berliners converge on weekends for more than 60 straight hours of EDM-fueled weirdness. Not for the faint of heart— there’s a good chance you could step into an orgy when you…