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Maxim June - July 2016

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How low should a suit jacket go? For decades the traditional answer was to the fingertips with your hands relaxed at your sides, but about 10 years ago American designer Thom Browne cropped the trad natural-shoulder jacket considerably. The odds were against him but his eye proved right; virtually everyone in menswear followed his lead to some extent and we saw a sea change in men’s tailoring. Now fashionable suits from the ’90s look like a Cab Calloway zoot suit. There is no exact length, but as a general principle I’d say your jacket should cover your ass. I’m recently divorced and want a new signature musk for my new life. What smells like confidence, wisdom and good looks without costing a divorce settlement? Divorce settlement sounds like GNP territory to me, but…

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globe trotter

As great as the outdoors is, you’d be hard-pressed to find a warm shower, climate-controlled sleeping quarters and a fully functional galley kitchen in the middle of the wilderness. That is, unless you’re towing the Moby1 XTR. Designed by a Utah-based craftsman, this modern-throwback teardrop trailer has all the amenities Mother Nature doesn’t, including rechargeable power sources, hardwood cabinetry, a portable latrine, and options like a rooftop tent, solar panels and a tankless, on-demand hot water heater. It’s all compressed into a sleek, nimble package so lightweight it can be pulled behind a motorcycle. And with its A-arm, coil-spring suspension and Fox Racing shocks, the $18,500-plus XTR can go damn near anywhere, absorbing endless miles of abuse on the roughest off-road terrain—so you can too.…

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edge up

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king cobra

The sinuous lines of a 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 are unmistakable. One of the most coveted and collectible sports cars in the world, it’s also one of the rarest : Just 348 were built at the time, and the models are now worth nearly $2 million on average. But what you’re actually looking at here is a Superformance MK III, a stunning Cobra re-creation that in many ways is even better than the original, with a much more approachable price tag of about $95,000. Superformance, a classic car builder based in Irvine, California, produces stunning replicas of desirable rides from the past, with modern components like TIG welded frames, Willwood power-assisted disc brakes and custom-crafted coil-over shocks that make them a lot more fun to drive. Established in 1992, the…

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supreme single malts

This June, Macallan will release one of the oldest bottles of single-malt whisky ever to leave its distillery, a crowning achievement 65 years in the making. At $35,000, it will also cost you a nice chunk of your retirement fund, assuming you can even get your hands on one. The Macallan 65 Year Old is being released in just 450 numbered decanters, handcrafted by Lalique, the final installment in a six-part series of special bottlings that have demonstrated the legendary distillery’s unparalleled achievements in spirit making. It’s among the most mature sherry cask aged single malts ever sold, and the taste of a precious few drops delivers deep, rich character and unforgettably intense flavors. You’ve likely never tasted anything this old, and you’re not alone. There’s a reason you don’t see…

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driving the dream

Like most of the males of my generation, as a youth I was a car nut, and I remain one. It’s the American way. Back in the day, hit songs were about girls, but almost as many were about cars. “She’s real fine my 409.” “Hey little Cobra.” Mustang Sally. Little Deuce Coupe. Little GTO. Hemi Cuda. Drag racing was a teen sport, and we got technical about our obsessions. The Beach Boys sang: “Superstock Dart is windin’ out in low / But my fuel-injected Stingray’s really startin’ to go / To get the traction I’m ridin’ the clutch / My pressure plate’s burnin’ that machine’s too much.” And we listened to that stuff while driving! Everybody had a dream car, and dreams die hard. This is why I see so…