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space and time

The world’s elite horologists are obsessed with precision. Their creations strive for perfection not only in appearance but performance, and cost becomes an afterthought in this pursuit. Even forces of nature have proven no match for the relentless march toward the ultimate timepiece, ever since 1801 when Abraham-Louis Breguet conquered gravity with his invention, the tourbillon. When a watch remains in the same position for a period of time, gravity will actually alter the movements of the fragile mechanical pieces within it. To counter this phenomenon, Breguet—and countless watchmakers in his footsteps—created a mechanism in which the escapement and balance rotate throughout the day, distributing gravity’s force from all angles to cancel out any impairment of timekeeping accuracy. Over the years, these designs have become more complex and more beautiful, culminating…

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aquavit’s arrival

When it comes to spirits and cocktails, sweet is easy to love. Sweet is simple, unthinking, unchallenging. Sweet never asks anything of you, never suggests that you meet it halfway. Fruity liqueurs, sugary mixers, and syrupy concoctions never force you to question longheld beliefs as they tend to your needy sweet tooth. Sweet gives you a figurative shoulder rub, even when you’re a jerk. Then there’s savory. Savory bites a little, smells of strange aromas, and tastes mysterious. Chewy, earthy, salty, spicy, bitter, and smoky can all be confounding to the person who loves sweet. But savory doesn’t need to impress you. Savory knows how sexy it is. Savory wants you to think for yourself, to embrace complexity. Savory is going to speak another language and expect you to keep up. Savory,…

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shooting star

One of Bentley’s allures—beyond comfort and performance, of course—is rarity. This year, the Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera has begun delivering what is possibly the rarest Bentley yet: the handcrafted Continental Flying Star. A limit of 19 units will be made, so move quickly. Transformed from a Bentley Continental GTC convertible into a station wagon, the Flying Star is available in three variations: a standard 560-horsepower model, a 610-horsepower Speed model, and a 630-horsepower Supersports model. All versions keep the Continental’s full-time AWD system but add selfadjusting air springs and electronic dampers on each wheel. Paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, the Supersports base model, which costs $322,600, plus the customization fee, can go from zero to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 204 mph. Touring Superleggera painstakingly…

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here be monsters

Only the second vehicle engineered from the ground up by Mercedes’ high-performance AMG division, the GT supercar was built to do one thing: battle the Porsche 911. Released in 2015, the GT line was imagined as a more focused and refined version of its predecessor, the gull-winged SLS. But to destroy monsters you must first become one, so the mad scientists at AMG further weaponized the sleek coupé to unleash the GT “R”—a.k.a. the “Beast of the Green Hell.” The moniker was earned after the GT R’s December 2016 record-setting lap of the Nordschleife, the Nürburgring’s North Loop, dubbed “the Green Hell” for its supreme difficulty. There are countless reasons why this lap time is important, but suffice it to say no other single metric so accurately judges a car’s absolute…

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the good ride

It all started with a photo of Jon Hamm. When Australian Mark Hawwa saw an image of the dashing Mad Men actor in full Don Draper garb atop a vintage bike, he came up with an idea that would bring together a community of café racers that had been growing steadily for years. Now called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, the event has grown into a charitable movement, having expanded from 2,500 riders in 64 cities in 2012 to more than 57,000 participants in 505 cities and 90 countries last year. Funds from the ride go to Movember, the men’s health nonprofit, to fund prostate cancer research and male suicide prevention programs. The ride has raised more than $8 million so far. This year’s event, on September 24, is expected to draw…

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maxim movies

Wonder Woman The fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe features Gal Gadot as Diana, Princess of the Amazons. When a pilot (Chris Pine) crashes and washes up on the shores of her home island in the early 20th century, she learns the world is ablaze in global war. Determined to minimize the death and destruction unfolding around her, she heads for London to protect what’s left of civilization. (Warner Bros., June 2) Spider-Man: Homecoming Set in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, the film follows the early exploits of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker as he tries to find a balance between his life as a superhero and that of a typical high schooler. Under the mentorship of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, Spider-Man faces off against a new villain, Vulture, played by…