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Maxim March 2016

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Which currently popular fashion trend(s) would you most like to see disappear this year? Actually, I have a high tolerance for trends because they silently reveal the flaws and weaknesses of the wearer. If it weren’t for these oversubscribed styles, how would we know about the people who wear them? I have often read a man’s mind while staring at his necktie. That said, there are certain trends that seem to have really run their course. The “man bun,” for example, has had way too much publicity. Of course, it looks good on sumo wrestlers and those with the mojo and verve to pull it off. I would be happy to see fewer plaid shirts, but in fact I would prefer to see them worn traditionally. Hipsters should wear tartans that…

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great white

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god’s speed

i Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh Like Willie G. Davidson, Taiwanese custom bike designer and Rough Crafts founder Winston Yeh considers himself an artist foremost, with motorcycles as one of his media. Yeh works in graffiti and T-shirt design in addition to steel and rubber. A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Yeh did a stint at custom bike titan Roland Sands Design before striking out on his own and opening Rough Crafts in 2009. Harmony of design is Yeh’s overriding priority: making every piece of a custom design work with the others, with no standout hero parts. “I don’t want any one aspect to overpower the others, and I don’t want anything to stick out too much.” Harley-Davidson’s chief styling officer emeritus looks more than a bit like Willie Nelson.…

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welcome to the magic of macys

TALLIA Only at Macy’s. Printed sport coat. $150. WebID 2653980. Long-sleeve woven shirt. 79.50. 2653987. SPRING ‘16 TRENDS THE TOP LOOKS OF THE SEASON & HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER MY STYLIST @ MACY’S Let our pros help you, IT’S FUN, FAST & FREE! Call 1-800-343-0121 to make an appointment or visit macys.com/mystylist TASSO ELBA Only at Macy’s. Linen sport shirt. 69.50. ★ WebID 2664997. Linen pants. 69.50. ★ 648727. FREE SHIPPING ONLINE & FREE RETURNS #MACYSLOVE SHOW US YOUR LATEST MACY’S FINDS USING Free shipping with $99 purchase. U.S. only. Exclusions apply; see macys.com/freeretur ns Advertised merchandise may not be carried at your local Macy’s and selection may vary by store. 6020093.…

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rum rush

When it comes to luxury sipping libations, most of us tend to reach for top-shelf scotch, bourbon, or cognac. Rum isn’t even in the conversation. But while the “kill-devil” is best known for its role in easy-drinking party cocktails like the Dark ’n Stormy, the daiquiri, and the mojito, the islands’ favorite elixir offers far more sophisticated strains that can go toe-to-toe with the finest and most rarefied single malts. One glorious example is the $1,500 Papá Andrés 2015 Alegria Edition f rom Brugal, a 126-year-old label based in the Dominican Republic. A mere 97 bottles ever made it into the U.S., so aside from being wildly expensive, Papá Andrés is also incredibly hard to find. But the pleasures inherent in this exquisite Caribbean unicorn are very real indeed. Redolent of…

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café society

Bright colors, particularly the glow of pink neon, characterize Café Henrie, the creation of André Saraiva, the graffiti artist and nightlife impresario who owns the Le Baron clubs in Paris and Shanghai. This New York City café is as much a meeting spot for stylish cultural types as it is a place to indulge in brunch food all day long. Occasional readings and art performances turn the space into something of a salon. Outfitted with Jean Prouvé furniture, a bench designed by artist Tom Sachs, and pastel ceramics by Peter Shire, an original member of the Memphis Group—the design collective founded by Ettore Sottsass—the café is equal parts art installation and coffee shop. Pegboard walls and a retro pale-pink lunch counter with mint-green stools finish out the deliberately administrative aesthetic. Marquis Hayes,…