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Maxim March 2017

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what to bring on an island getaway

I’m sure it’s no surprise that when the beach is my destination, I always travel with more than one bathing suit (one of my passions is designing them), but there are other things that are just as important. In fact, some of the best things to bring are not even tangible! The Bahamas certainly offers enough variety in scenery, from lagoons and blue holes to tidal pools and ocean laced with coral reefs, to justify a different bikini for each destination. There are hundreds of islands with lush landscapes—pine trees, orchids, fig and frangipani trees framing blue water so crystal clear you can see starfish walking— offering a diverse and rich nature experience. Nassau and Freeport have their own special attractions, but in my opinion, you haven’t really been to…

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style solutions

I want a new pair of sunglasses for an upcoming beach trip, but everybody’s got Ray-Bans. Any recommendations? I love Barton Perreira sunglasses. Made from the highest-quality materials (including Japanese zyl acetate, which is handmade and considered the world’s best plastic), Perreira’s designs are classic and timeless, the ultimate pairing of form and function. They’re also produced in limited batches, so each pair feels special. These are an investment piece that will set you apart from the crowd. I grew out of my board shorts a decade ago but have never found a pair of comfortable and stylish swim trunks that don’t reveal a dangerous amount of thigh. Any ideas? Vilebrequin is my go-to for swimwear. This French brand launched over 40 years ago in Saint-Tropez, and their designs reflect the best of…

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i, spy

WICKED WHEELS You might expect James Bond to pull up to the Casino Royale in an Aston Martin. But if he arrives in the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, you’ll know he’s had a busy evening already. The British auto manufacturer has long provided luxury vehicles for 007’s nemeses, so if Bond’s behind the wheel you know some wicked villain has met his maker. The Dawn sets the bar for luxury convertibles, featuring a bespoke interior of the finest wood and leather. But the car is also capable of pinning passengers to those finely crafted seats courtesy of a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V-12 engine producing 563 horsepower. Despite a weight of more than 5,600 pounds, the Dawn can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in a mere 4.3 seconds. Perfect for superagents and supervillains alike.…

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open season

TRUE GRIT Ever since the first Land Rovers rolled off the production line in 1948, the Willys jeep–inspired vehicle has been the gold standard for multipurpose trucks that can tackle both paved and offroad conditions. Several generations of the truck created in the 1980s, including the Defender, fostered an unparalleled reputation for reliability, durability, and toughness that made Land Rovers indispensable to militaries and adventurers around the globe. After lengthy runs, in February 2016 the British automaker ceased production of the Land Rover Series III and Defender lines. Soldiers, game wardens, and fans of the offroad alike were understandably distraught. Fortunately for them, the Defender is only taking a hiatus. Jaguar Land Rover has announced work on the new Defender, which is rumored to be significantly altered from its predecessor but is…

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anchors up

SEASCAPE Drive a Rolls-Royce, fly in a private jet, and set sail on a Riva Aquariva Super. The 33-foot, $1.5 million yacht, crafted with mahogany accents and holly inlays, builds on the tradition of the legendary Aquarama. The Aquariva Super features luxurious sleeping quarters below deck, twin 370-horsepower Yanmar engines, and an innovative two-speed gearbox. Riva’s offerings have long been considered among the most beautiful boats ever crafted, and the Aquariva Super does not disappoint. THIS PAGE: COURTESY OF RIVA-FERRETTI GROUP. OPPOSITE PAGE: COURTESY OF THE BRANDS…

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bold $ brave

When Polo Ralph Lauren introduced the follow-up to its Polo Red Intense fragrance, the fashion brand went bold. Polo Red Extreme is what’s called a parfum—more concentrated and stronger than your average cologne. Intended to convey masculinity and adrenaline, Extreme features both natural coffee and coffee CO? to evoke freshly ground beans. (It’s also got a new celebrity face; see opposite page.) With a touch of black ebony wood, the parfum combines earthy notes with a hit of blood orange for a scent inspired by “the speed, adrenaline, and seduction of racing, channeling supercharged power and design,” according to Ralph Lauren himself.…