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Maxim May 2014

Maxim, the world's leading men's magazine, delivers an unparalleled luxury experience that celebrates the most beautiful women in the world, thrill-seeking adventures across exotic destinations, world-class sports and entertainment, prestige autos, speed-seeking rides, cutting-edge industry titans, exceptional artists and athletes, the latest gadgets, gear + style—and did we mention... beautiful women?

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military mailbag

We salute the troops; the troops salute us. If it were possible to have a saluting gangbang, it’d look a lot like this page. PICKLER ROCKS Kellie Pickler [2012’s Maxim Salute to the Military cover girl] came to my base in 2007, and she rocked out. Not only did she let a soldier sing her song “Red High Heels” with her, but she also signed autographs for all of us that said, “I love you and your music.” —Capt. Daniel Bryce Dunn, via e-mail 1 BEST BUDS Hi, huge fan of you guys. Thanks for keeping the motivation from home coming overseas to all of us. My name is Jake Pennings, and I’m a petty officer second class writing from Manama, Bahrain. In the attached photo, I’m sitting with my best friend, Ashley Hammack,…

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maxim mayhem

Five extra ways to get more Maxim this month. (Six if you also invite us over for dinner.) With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and its 57 bad guys hitting theaters this month, take our important quiz: Are you a supervillain? Use our Spring Break Guide to match your destination to your experience. Prison again?! Mother’s Day is coming. Check out our picks of the most booze-filled activities to get you through it. Facebook Attention, opinion-havers: Go to Facebook.com/MaximMagazine and tell us what you think of our shoots, jokes…and these jeans we just bought. Twitter Start your day the best possible way: with Today’s Girl! A new sexy lady each weekday morning, from @MaximMag straight to your rascally eyeballs. Instagram Follow @MaximMag and you’ll get the first look at all our new covers. (They look even better through the Valencia…

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behind the babes

We realize it’s impossible to give the men and women of the United States military all the thanks they deserve, but we figured, hey, let’s give it a shot! To that end we recruited five of our hottest Hometown Hotties (the key word here is hot) and let them loose on the picturesque grounds of the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (We’re talking about 28 acres of pure beachfront paradise overlooking the Sea of Cortez.) Our goal? To produce five individual, equally sexy covers, each one dedicated to a different branch of the military. So whether you’re a proud serviceman or woman in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, or just a regular Joe who’s thankful for everything the…

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carolina guerra

While filming Da Vinci’s Demons in Wales, were you ever homesick for anything from Colombia? For fruit and juices! I also really missed salsa dancing. There is no salsa in Wales. You represented your nation’s capital as Miss Bogotá, right? Yes, but it’s a funny story. The year I competed, the viewers chose the winner, and I think the reason I won was that I wasn’t a typical “Miss” anything. For my first appearance I was wearing jeans, and I had my nose pierced. It was a disaster, so people loved that! I ended up losing the title as well. Let’s hear that story. After I won I did a shoot with a health magazine for an article about the spine. My bikini top was untied so that you could see my back, and the…

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furry fakers

SNOOP LION Visitors at a zoo in China last summer complained when the “lion” they came to see looked, barked, and pissed on everything exactly like a Tibetan mastiff. On the upside, if you petted the beast, it wouldn’t eat you. SNAKE FAKE-OUT A curator at the Houston Zoo in 1984 found a way to ensure his star coral snake would never die: He re placed it with a rubber toy. Visitors were unhappy because they expected to see live, breathing animals at the zoo. Whiners. PIGGY SMALLS In 2010 Catherine Dawes purchased a “micro pig,” which the breeder promised would grow to be no larger than a small dog. But “small dog” could describe Dudley’s turds after he ballooned to 280 pounds. VANITY FERRETS Dog lovers were surprised to find that the discounted “toy poodles” they…

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nice things said about terrible people

1. “He was a wonderful boss. I lived with him for five years. We were the closest people who worked with him…We were always there. He was never without us, day and night.” 2. “He is a great guy, he loves basketball, and he’s interested in building trust and understanding through sport and cultural exchanges.” 3. “The man I knew 50 years ago was an outstanding football player, a pretty good student, and, in general, a very good human being.” 4. “He is very selfless and moral, one of the world’s wisest men.” 5. “He was a good neighbor all the time.” 6. “He was so sweet. He is a golden person, really just a genuine good guy who was cool with everyone.”…