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Maxim May 2016

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On my morning commute, I’ve noticed the steady proliferation of men with totes: canvas, printed, free-with-purchase, and in some cases clearly high-end. I like having an option beyond the stodgy briefcase and the perhaps toojuvenile backpack, but is a tote for me? I’m mostly over the briefcase thing, except when I want to lock something up; then I pull out my trusty, nicely stained and abraded T. Anthony monogrammed leather hard case with dual combination locks. I figure I look like a successful lawyer or a high-end drug dealer. For most urban schlepping jobs, though, I like a tote, and they come in three types. There are the keepers, the semi-disposables and the disposables. The keeper category was essentially introduced in the 1950s as the flight bag. Zippered tough plastic with…

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a century of speed

The Indianapolis 500 has long been hailed as “the greatest spectacle in racing”—but one could argue that the real spectacle, at least for attendees, happens off the track. Sure, watching daredevil drivers navigate hairpin turns at 230 mph promises an undeniable adrenaline rush, especially considering what’s up for grabs—the contest’s purse, likely upwards of $13 million, this time is one of the biggest cash prizes in all of sports—but the event is much more than a high-stakes joyride. It also has a storied history as the Midwest’s premiere party destination, and this year more than ever there’s cause for celebration: 2016 marks the Indy’s 100th running. (The first official competition actually took place 105 years ago, but no races were held during World Wars I and II.) To honor the occasion,…

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magnum opus

It’s the ultimate nightlife trophy. The gigantic, gold-plated 30-liter Armand de Brignac “Ace of Spades” Brut Gold Midas bottle is fit for the mythical Greek king himself—or at least those hard-partying Masters of the Universe inspired by his opulent legend. This famed billionaire’s bubbly is typically wheeled out by sparkler-waving nymphs at elite nightclubs like LIV in Miami Beach, where Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban dropped $110,000 on a single “Ace of Spades” Midas bottle—that’s $90,000 plus a $20,000 tip—to celebrate his team winning the NBA championship in 2011. Despite the Champagne costing more than a new Porsche 911 or Jaguar F-Type, Cuban later confirmed that giving it away to fellow LIV revelers was “worth every penny.” Jay Z went one step further—he loved Armand so much, he decided to buy…

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riviera retreat

Nestled in the cliffs of Eze—a hilltop village just outside of Nice—you’ll find Château de la Chèvre d’Or, the medieval farmhouse–cum–luxury retreat that has been a destination for the Hollywood elite since the 1950s. The hotel’s allure is fairly obvious: unobstructed views of the Mediterranean, a two-Michelin-star restaurant and an ancient stone suite that harkens back to another era. Guests like Elizabeth Taylor, Roger Moore, Clint Eastwood and Robert De Niro have all been accommodated at Chèvre d’Or, which occupies a rather exclusive position on the Côte d’Azur, five miles west of Monaco. Should you decide to embark on a French Riviera road trip during your stay, St. Tropez is just two hours away; have the concierge set you up with a classic sports car and enjoy the ride.…

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classic cuts

Try on a pair of authentic, straight-from-thethrift-store vintage Levi’s and you’ll understand why stylish men never actually wear them: The fit isn’t right, the cuts are awkward, and the sizing doesn’t make much sense. But the denim itself—worn-in and flawlessly faded— is as close to perfection as jeans get. That realization is what lead fashion industry veterans Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur to start Re/Done, the L.A.-based company that turns vintage Levi’s into modern-day designer denim. The line, which launched with women’s jeans in 2014, has since expanded into two styles for men—a “relaxed tapered” cut and a “slim straight” design. Both styles are available in black or blue, but each pair has a completely unique identity. “A lot of brands do washes and sanding to make jeans appear old, and…

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dangerous curves

It’s hard to believe that these sensuous lines aren’t from the future, or at least a conception of what the future might look like. But this is the Pagani Huayra, a best-ofeverything 730-horsepower twin-turbo V12 Italian hypercar that’s available right now, if $1.8 million counts as being available. Along with insanely high performance, that price tag buys exclusivity for its owners. And it’s a tough club to join. When Pagani revealed an even pricier $2.5 million limited edition called the Huayra BC at the Geneva International Motor Show this year, all 20 were sold before the car was even announced. The Huayra’s engine is sourced from Mercedes-AMG, a company with a longstanding performance reputation, and some recent Formula 1 world championships, to vouch for its know-how. The car’s seven-speed automated manual…