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inside out

Architect Tadao Ando is known for playing with natural light and open spaces in his minimalist designs. Influenced by Zen philosophy and the aesthetic of his native Japan, Ando has become renowned around the world. His seemingly simplistic style belies a complex construction, leaving visitors with a sense of wonder. The most comprehensive collection of the 75-year-old self-taught draftsman’s work can be found in his updated monograph, Ando: Complete Works 1975–today (Taschen).…

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sharp angler

Sure, a Bentley is the ideal car to valet-park outside a Michelin three-star restaurant—and the Bentley Bentayga handles this role with aplomb. But with the British company’s new sport utility vehicle, you can now take world-class comfort and bespoke luxury anywhere you want to go. The package seen here, from Bentley’s Mulliner customization unit, includes a fly-fishing kit for the car owner who loves salmon runs but also wants to retreat to the comfort of his quilted-leather interior for the ride home. (Be careful not to scare away the fish with the 1,800-watt stereo.) With 600 horsepower and technology that would make an MI6 agent jealous (including night vision and a virtual bird’s-eye view for parking), the Bentayga rivals even the most rugged Range Rover or Mercedes- Benz G-Wagen.…

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hell on wheels

In recent years, the world has been graced with several Mexican supercars, including the Mastretta MXT and the Vuhl 05, but none have truly captured the imagination of the global automotive community. But thanks to a new company called Inferno (after Dante’s Divine Comedy), Mexico will soon lay claim to one of the most extreme cars the world has ever seen. Possessing 1,400 horsepower and capable of going from zero to 62 mph in less than 2.7 seconds, the Inferno Exotic Car (yes, that’s its real name) represents a real challenge to famous hypercar brands including Koenigsegg, McLaren, and Pagani. With a top speed of 245 mph and a weight of less than 2,646 pounds, Inferno is edging into “megacar” territory, defined as a car with more than 1,341 horsepower (or…

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eric bana’s next act

In 2000, Eric Bana starred in an Australian movie based on the life of a notorious criminal and folk hero named Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, a goateed, silver-grilled biker who boasted of murdering almost 20 people in Melbourne in the 1970s and ’80s. Bana brought to life Read’s unique brand of charisma and psychopathy in a way that somehow evoked both revulsion and sympathy. The performance was career-making, and anyone who saw it knew Bana was put on earth to be a movie star. Since Chopper, Bana has spent nearly two decades in Hollywood playing tortured souls—think Avner in Munich, Hector in Troy, and King Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl—all while conveying an affability and genuineness that makes him seem like a guy you’d want to have a beer…

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maxim movies

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword The classic literary tale of the boy who pulled sword from stone is radically reimagined. Helmed by director Guy Ritchie (Snatch), who also cowrote the script, the film stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) as Arthur, the rightful heir to the British throne whose birthright is stolen by his treacherous uncle Vortigern, played by the excellent Jude Law (The Young Pope). The cast includes Eric Bana (Munich; see profile, page 20), Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond), and Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders), while relative newcomer French-Spanish actress-model Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey turns the role of Guinevere into a career-maker. Alien: Covenant A follow-up to 2012’s Prometheus, this film represents the second installment of the Alien prequels. Michael Fassbender returns, this time starring alongside Billy Crudup (Almost Famous), Danny McBride (Eastbound &…

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older and wiser

Whiskey may move more cases than tequila in the States, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up. Yet what if that spirit’s flavor profile suits you? What if your mouth waters at the mere thought of oak and vanilla? Well, we’ve got the perfect thing for you—extra añejo tequilas. Extra añejo, or “ultra-aged,” tequilas are a relatively new category, having only been officially recognized in 2006. In order to be considered extra aged, they must mature for more than three years (añejo tequilas age between one and three years) in oak barrels that hold 600 liters or less. The results are some of the most complex tequilas on the planet. The colors can range from deep gold to burnished mahogany, but the similarities between ultra-aged and whiskies don’t stop there. On…