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Maxim October 2017

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truly electric

Perhaps there’s truth to the old adage “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Mate Rimac, the 29-year-old CEO of Rimac Automobili, certainly hopes so. Back in June, Richard Hammond, the presenter of Amazon Studios’ series The Grand Tour, stepped into one of Rimac’s Concept_One electric supercars for a hill climb in the Alps. Near the top of the run, the host lost control of the car and was launched sideways off the road, flipping down a steep embankment. Thankfully, Hammond escaped the wreck before it caught fire. But footage of the crash went viral, and just like that, the Concept_One was infamous. It’s a shame, because if there was any justice in the world the Concept_One would have already been widely known before Hammond’s crash. With it, Mate Rimac has reimagined…

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maxim movies

Blade Runner 2049 The sequel to the 1982 film and perhaps fall’s most anticipated movie, 2049 takes place three decades after the original Blade Runner. The story follows LAPD officer K (Ryan Gosling) as he works to prevent a collapse of society caused by the reintroduction of rogue biorobotic androids known as replicants. His only hope is to find Rick Deckard, a retired blade runner, the name for the special cop tasked with tracking down these human-like machines. Harrison Ford reprises his role as Deckard from the original cult classic. Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) directs this neo-noir sci-fi thriller. (Warner Bros., October 6) American Made Based on an unbelievable true story, American Made tells the legend of Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), an infamous smuggler and pilot who found himself entwined in one of…

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clarion call

Lance Funston was walking into Monaco’s Hôtel Métropole when something caught his eye in the parking lot: a $1.5 million (give or take) Bugatti Veyron. After meeting with a few friends, Funston left the hotel in search of the same Veyron, but when he found it, it had lost some of its allure. This time, two additional Veyrons were parked nearby. In an instant Funston realized that regardless of a car’s design and performance, to be truly special it also had to be exceedingly rare. What emerged from that idea was the Spiritus Clarion. Funston, CEO of health and beauty-aid company CCA, already knew quite a bit about customization. He had previously modified an Audi A6, a Pontiac G6, and a Lexus SC 430 to fix what he viewed as design…

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band of brothers

In the summer of 2013, the actor James Badge Dale was on the subway in his hometown of New York, reading the Times, when he came across an article about a wildfire in Arizona that claimed the lives of 19 men, members of a fire suppression squad known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots. The article left Dale stunned; the Yarnell Hill Fire, as the tragedy became known, was the largest loss of firefighter life since 9/11. “I was riding the 6 train downtown. I’ll never forget,” Dale says over coffee in the East Village. “I was so struck by these 19 men, in that moment where they realized that they are not going to get out…They stayed together to the end.” Four years later, Dale stars alongside Josh Brolin and Miles Teller…

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person of influence

Being branded an “influencer” is the gold star of social media success: From legions of adoring followers to incredible (and often sponsored) travel opportunities, the benefits are many. But how do you maintain privacy when you’re Instafamous? That’s something Jocelyn Chew has been trying to figure out. “Instagram makes it seem as if I am a very public person,” she says. “But I actually love my privacy. I don’t like anyone digging into my personal life.” Tell that to her 290K-plus followers, who want all the details on her jet-set lifestyle. “It definitely affects what I post. My Instagram is like my personal life journal that I share with the public...[but] I try to keep intimate things to myself.” Since appearing on Naomi Campbell’s modeling-contest TV show The Face, the half- Chinese,…

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biodynamic wine is the future

Just when you start feeling comfortable ordering a bottle at the trendy natural wine bar in town, here come biodynamic wines. They’re actually nothing new, but their popularity is soaring and proponents claim they may be key to wine’s long-term future. So what the hell are they? “Biodynamic is beyond organic,” explains Alina D’Amelia, a guide with Podere Còncori, a biodynamic winery beautifully situated among the mountains in Gallicano, a town in the northwest of Tuscany that I visited not long ago. “You also try to stay in balance and harmony with nature.” Whereas the organic credo is essentially one of nonintervention, biodynamics seeks to do more: to cure, remedy, improve, and, chiefly, connect back with nature. “Biodynamics are important because making wine is about farming—and we should take back control of…