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Maxim September 2015

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iii eazy does it

When g-eazy came onto the scene a few years back, hip-hop fans figured him for a novelty act. Here was this insanely handsome white dude from Oakland, California, shouting out Bill Murray and making rap songs that sampled old doo-wop tunes. But now that G-Eazy has become one of the fastest-rising acts in the country, nobody’s laughing anymore. Not only is G-Eazy being taken seriously, but the underground Bay Area hiphop scene he came from has also gone mainstream. (G-Eazy’s area peer Lil B may well have propelled the Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship by famously putting a “curse” on the Cleveland Cavaliers.) “The energy in the Bay Area is crazy right now,” Eazy says. “People are really excited. We’ve always been proud of our culture, of our sound, and we’ve…

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the legit issue

What is it to be legitimate? To be legit means you’ve arrived. You’re established. You represent. You’re the real deal. The face you show the world—through your style choices, your behavior, your attitude—matches what you are at your core. It’s a state of being that’s perfectly exemplified by this month’s cover subject, Idris Elba (PAGE 100). An extraordinary actor, best known for his indelible portrayal of The Wire’s Stringer Bell, he is also a style icon whose appearance is never less than impeccable. But what makes him legit is the way he lives his life and the no-prisoners gusto with which he has barreled into a host of endeavors. In addition to acting (his upcoming film, the searing war drama Beasts of No Nation, is already generating Oscar buzz), he has…

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BEING LEGIT IS LIKE WEARING A STAMP OF APPROVAL. It’s validation. Music, fashion, design, videography, I love all of it. I’m a man of the arts. I just love right away, but give it a year or two. They will. I ADOPTED HIGH-END FASHION. Raf Simons. Dior. Rick Owens. Alexander Wang. Even my boy Jeremy SOME PEOPLE WANT TO FIT IN, some want to stand out. Me, I just happen to stand out. But I take on the responsibility to influence people to think outside the box. Some People Don’t Catch On You gotta walk that out. We all know at the end of the day, it’s the person that counts. But there’s no way in hell that you can see somebody with amazing fashion sense and not admire that shit. creating…

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knot cool

The Fat Jew, a.k.a. @thefatjewish to his nearly five million Instagram followers, releases his debut book, Money Pizza Respect, next month. NO. NO. SO MUCH NO. Please don’t have a topknot. To have a topknot, or a man bun, is to proudly adorn the top of your head with the world’s worst thing. You’re basically wearing two fedoras. No, 10 fedoras. You have a soul patch as a haircut. You have a Hitler mustache on your dome. Your do is one of those giant e-cigarettes that people smoke peach-flavored vapor out of. You have a Croc as a hairstyle. You also look like an overgrown adult baby, and I know that our grandfathers, with their rough hands and war stories and cool bouts with alcoholism, would be outraged. They would smack you…

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think pink

ROSÉ CHAMPAGNE IS the only thing I drink. After a glass or two, I feel sexy, decadent, and wild. I just feel more alive. I used to work in fashion PR and threw parties for all the big designers. One night in 2006, I was organizing an after-party in Milan for Versace. I was supposed to be at the door, taking care of the guests. But Prince was performing inside. So I left the door and had a few glasses of Champagne, and I just went crazy. I started dancing, and I didn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. There were a lot of models dancing with me, too: Natasha Poly, Joan Smalls, Karen Elson. Prince was onstage writhing with a pair of twin girls—his backup singers. They were…

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freestyle wap

Fetty Wap may look great in a suit, but he hates wearing one. When he was 17, his mother told him about a high-paying job. The interview required a corporate appearance. He shaved off two years’ worth of dreadlocks, put on a suit, and showed up for the meeting, only to find that the position had already been filled. A sartorial trauma was born. “Suits aren’t my type of style yet,” the 25-year-old admits. “I’m still not ready for all that.” These days, he can wear whatever he wants. “Trap Queen,” the debut single by the Paterson, New Jersey, rapper (born Willie Maxwell II), recently went platinum. Though widely understood as an unconventional love song about dealing drugs with your significant other, that’s not quite it. “The song doesn’t have anything…