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Maxim September 2017

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battle ready

In August 2015, Oshkosh Defense was awarded a $6.7 billion contract by the U.S. military to provide the next generation of troop transport vehicles. It had big shoes to fill: For three decades, its predecessor, the now globally recognized Humvee, was the standard ride for American soldiers and their allies. (The truck also became a popular civilian vehicle under the Hummer badge.) But the long and lethal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq showed that the Humvee alone wasn’t enough for 21st-century combat. When the military asked for bids to build the next generation of tactical vehicles, giants like Lockheed Martin raised their hands, but the contract ultimately went to the lesser-known Oshkosh Defense for its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Combining the mobility of a Humvee with the protection of a…

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maxim ’s fall tv preview

SEAL Team After canceling The Unit eight years ago, CBS has a new look at U.S. Special Forces this fall. Featuring David Boreanaz (Bones), the series takes viewers behind the scenes of planning and executing the most difficult, and dangerous, missions in the world. It also explores the challenges of balancing family life and the pressures of being a Tier 1 operator. (CBS, September 27) The Deuce David Simon, creator of The Wire, turns his gaze to the mid-’70s porn scene in New York, when the industry became legalized. Part entertainment, part social commentary, the show is an examination of the disparate parties brought together, for good and bad, by the developing adult entertainment business. James Franco stars as twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino, who operate as the mob’s front in the…

4 minutos
american everyman

Luke Wilson didn’t mean to be famous; he couldn’t really help it. His reassuring on-screen presence has always gone down easily. When he shows up in a movie it’s like somebody’s handing you a beer at a barbecue: Sure, of course you’ll take it. With that idiosyncratic, Dallas beach bum twang—Luke’s is nylon-stringed to his brother Owen’s steel-stringed—and its shucksy stream of “goshes” and “no problems” and “aw, mans,” he was such a natural amateur that he ended up having to learn his craft on the fly. “I love reading about bands and music,” Wilson says now, more than two decades after Bottle Rocket first launched him, his brother, and Wes Anderson into orbit. “And I’m always surprised when it’s like, ‘Yeah, this guy, he didn’t even know how to play…

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anthony bourdain’s wandering spirit

It’s a February morning in Brooklyn, and Anthony Bourdain is lying on his side on a tatami mat, being poked in the arm by a very pointy stick. There’s a glass of whisky nearby, from which Bourdain periodically sips to help dull the pain, while cameras capture every moment. The man doing the poking is Japanese-born tattoo artist Takashi Matsuba, who owns the studio that Bourdain and his crew have taken over for an episode of the Balvenie’s Raw Craft. The web series, which premiered in 2015 and begins its third season this month, profiles America’s most talented craftspeople, all chosen by the host. For this episode, Bourdain is getting a large tattoo on his shoulder of a chrysanthemum. The tattoo is done in a style called tebori, a traditional stick-and-poke…

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one in a billion

Cut away the Wall Street vs. Pearl Street battling and Showtime’s Billions is essentially a modus operandi for how the exorbitantly rich spend their money. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of yachts, planes, helicopters, and megamansions. Private hangouts with rock gods Metallica. Oh yes—and supremely tasty, exceedingly rare whiskey In season two, hedge fund executive and alpha male extraordinaire Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis, is in the midst of a high-stakes game of poker. Meanwhile, his righthand man and fixer, Mike “Wags” Wagner (David Costabile), sidles up to the bar, where an eyecatching, gold-flecked bottle displayed in a lavish red case is centered in the background. “Gimme a Michter’s Celebration,” Wags says with the confidence of a man who knows what he wants. He doesn’t just want a glass, though. After…

7 minutos
the long reign of jimmie johnson

It was down to two. The Monster Mile, a concrete racing oval at Dover International Speedway in Delaware with a reputation for grinding expensive stock cars into junk, had done its work. Only the number 48 of Jimmie Johnson and the number 42 of Kyle Larson were in position to take the checkered flag. Larson had the faster car by far and had dominated the race, leading for 241 laps. Meanwhile, Johnson had negotiated the Monster like a truant pleading for leniency. He was running on worn tires; he’d been in the lead for a grand total of four laps. Yet now, a late yellow caution flag, which requires a driver to slow down because of a hazard on the track, meant the outcome rested on a final restart. When the…