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Mindful October 2018

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

Foundation for a Mindful Society
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a nonjudgment call

Editor-in-Chief barry@mindful.org Our must-read story this issue: In “Mind the App,” reporter Sam Littlefair takes a serious look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the explosion of mindfulness smartphone apps. On page 58. Judges Concerned for Judges provides Pennsylvania judges with information about stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns as a way to help them deal with the strain of their job. And make no mistake, being a judge—despite, or perhaps because of, its exalted status—is a highly stressful thing to do day in, day out. Dispassionately riding above the emotional turmoil in a courtroom is hard enough, but then there’s the matter of having to make certain judgments about uncertain things. You may be deciding not only how culpable someone is but what an appropriate response is…

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for what it's worth

What’s your top priority with money? • “Paying off student loans.” “The ability to spend freely and not worry!”• “Living well and not outliving our money.”• “Investing to make my house sustainable.”• “I don’t have money priorities.” What’s the main thing you have saved up for in the past? 32% OF RESPONDENTS SAID "BUYING a home," while 27% saved the most for travel. Paying for their own or their children’s education was top for 22%. Another 15% saved up for things like their wedding, retirement, or studio equipment, and 4% saved for a major gift for a loved one. What’s your attitude around money? How would you rather pay: cash or card? Would you be more content in your job if you made more money? 40% SAY YES, THEY'D BE HAPPIER making more money. For 17%, they'd…

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top of mind

Music for mothers In villages throughout India, women are singing about IUDs and iron supplements, saving the lives of countless mothers and their infants, as an aspect of Save A Mother. SAM is an NGO whose mission is to deliver crucial health information and resources to vulnerable Indian communities. Gita Gupta, a trained health activist with SAM, says she has often incorporated maternal health information into traditional folksongs, because musicalizing the information makes it easier to remember. Having a baby can be fraught with health risks in these rural areas, resulting in tragically high maternal mortality rates. While SAM has also aided in tuberculosis detection and increased acceptance of contraceptives, their education and advocacy programs are focused on pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery, and infant care. The organization trains volunteers, primarily women, to…

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mindful at work

Q A junior member of staff has asked for mentoring. What does this really mean? What does a good mentor do? A Mentoring is a private relationship between a mature, trusted leader and a talented, motivated protégé. The relationship requires periodic face time, so each party needs to be willing to be available to the other. It’s best if the person being mentored can articulate up front—in writing—what they would like to learn. Mentees should take an active interest from the very start in cultivating the relationship, rather than expecting their mentor always to lead. Mentors should expect to offer guidance and encouragement on: Culture: What does the enterprise value most? What are the unspoken rules that one should be aware of? Politics: Who holds influence in the enterprise? How best can an aspiring leader…

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mindful or mindless?

mindful While watching TV, a doctor noticed a woman on the show had a worrying lump on her neck. He posted his concerns on Facebook. Thanks to wide sharing, the post reached the woman in time for her thyroid cancer to be diagnosed and treated. Would you pay $200 for your kid to learn to mix some sick beats—even before all their teeth grow in? In LA, your too-cool toddler can attend Baby DJ School, for ages 2 months to 5 years. A tech entrepreneur in San Francisco bet money on his commitment to practice mindfulness for an hour every single day. For now, it seems that goal was too ambitious: He ended up losing $810. If you find Bob Ross’s voice pleasantly soporific, you’re in luck: The beloved painter’s estate allowed the Calm…

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make a change that lasts

Making meaningful changes to create a life more aligned with who you want to be isn’t that hard: To be more fit, you can exercise; to be a better writer, you can write more; to be more mindful, you can practice mindfulness. We know making these kinds of changes is good for us and even feels good. But making them stick? Well, that’s another story. To make lasting change, we need more than desire and willpower. It requires an understanding that our brains are wired to create obstacles that hinder us from making healthy changes, and that, thanks to technology, it’s harder than ever to maintain focus. Maybe most importantly, we need to understand that we are not islands, and that our social and physical environments can make the difference between…