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Modern Fishing

Modern Fishing

October 2018

For over 55 years Modern Fishing has been the cutting-edge voice of the Australian recreational fishermen. Packed full of informative feature articles, techniques, new gear reviews, species spotlights and inspiring travel destinations.

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4 minutos
annual migrations

Over the cold winter months I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time doing some tropical reef fishing. I think I speak for most southerners when I say, heading to warm, fishy areas in the middle of winter to escape the icy morning westerleys is as good as it gets. While I enjoy winter fishing down in Sydney, with the change of target species and less crowds, I try to get away every year at least once to break the winter up a bit. If you’ve never been tropical reef fishing, it’s an amazing experience with endless fishing options to be explored. Trolling, casting, jigging and good old-fashioned bait bashing are all on the cards and many different species can be targeted with a number of methods, or not…

1 minutos
through the lens

Congratulations to this month’s winner! You’re taking away a brand new pair of Mako Shadow polarised sunnies and a Mako fishing shirt and cap valued at over $390! HOW TO ENTER It’s pretty simple. Each month, we’ll be posting the competition on the Modern Fishing Facebook page and all you need to do is drop your best pics in the comments section and tag a fishing buddy. It’s that easy so get snapping!!…

10 minutos
getting hairy on the reefs!

Doing a lot of reef fishing in recent years has provided the opportunity to try different things and put considerable thinking into the gear and techniques used, and led to some little tricks shining through and really adding to results. While bottom bashing on face value may seems a rather uncomplicated method, you can still try a lot of things to spark up the bite, and bedsides the tasty fillets at the end of the day, this ongoing toying around with your approach is also half the fun! Being a lure addict, who also likes to catch a feed, if there’s the chance to tie something artificial on the end of my line and still catch plenty of fish them I’m all for it, and I guess this is part of…

13 minutos
the wrecking yard

You better saddle up because you’re about to venture into the big wide world of bullies. You’re not in the playground anymore in this fairy tale and you better be prepared to get down and dirty. Nothing is off limits. Grubby little tactics to get the upper hand are well within the boundaries of this hectic battle for supremacy. In fact, I would go as far as saying that there are no rules. You will fight tooth and nail for every inch and just when you think you’re in the clear, a sneaky little upper cut will have you heading for the canvas. Shredded leaders and broken dreams are part of the learning process. I’ve been chewed up and spat out that many times i’ve lost count. It builds an addiction.…

4 minutos
in the flesh!

Despite a stacked sounder and the knowledge that there’s likely swarms of fish below you at times, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll bite when on the reefs. Also bites can soon taper off on the reefs, and while hectic to begin with the fish soon smarten up and become more selective. While reef systems can be a hive of activity, fish can become shutdown like anywhere in this environment and not quite be 100% on the job and this is where you need a few tricks up your sleeve to bust out to keep the fun going, and one such ‘rabbit out of the hat’ is the use of freshly caught flesh baits. When the going gets tough, or you’re simply looking for an alternative bait to try, one common and…

13 minutos
filling your bag of native tricks

As anglers, each time we hit the water the fishing slate is wiped clean. With a fresh set of bragging rights up for grabs, you set off into the unknown looking to etch your next fishing chapter. Egos and status become irrelevant, as each new dawn signals the start of a fresh fishing opportunity. The more seasoned anglers will assess each day on its merits, pull from past experiences, and then employ the most appropriate tactic. Fundamentally, this is the big difference that separates a lot of anglers. The more experienced the fisherman the more recall they can tap into to try and crack the fishing pattern on that particular day. They say that 20% of the fishermen catch 80% of the fish and I think ‘on water’ experience and the…