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National Geographic Traveller (UK)

National Geographic Traveller (UK)

July - August 2021

Each issue is packed with authentic travel experiences and vivid photography, plus insights and tips to inspire would-be explorers to travel widely, ethically and safely. We are passionate about experiencing the world, championing sustainable travel and celebrating journeys from a local or cultural perspective.

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United Kingdom
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
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ask the experts

THE EXPERTS I’m planning a trip to Copenhagen. How easy is it to eat on a budget? Hazel Evans: Copenhagen might not be known for being budget-friendly, but you don’t have to eat at Noma to get a taste of the city; you’ll find delicious options at a variety of price points. There are three must-try dishes that won’t break the bank. For the legendary Danish hot dog, which comes in at around DKK 25-45 (£3-5), head to either John’s Hotdog Deli or DØP, which makes them using organic meat and also caters to vegans and vegetarians. When it comes to pastries, you’re spoilt for choice. At their absolute best, they’ll cost in the region of DKK 32 (£3.70) from places like Hart Bageri, Juno or Mirabelle. And then there’s the ubiquitous smørrebrød…

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anas atassi’s mufarakeh

This dish of eggs with beef and courgette reminds me of long days out and about with my family when we lived in Saudi Arabia. When we’d get home, my mother would make something simple and tasty with whatever we had in our pantry. We always ate it with flatbread, which I still do to this day. SERVES: 4 TAKES: 20 MINS INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp olive oil1 onion, chopped1 courgette, cut into large pieces250g minced beef4 eggs1 bunch of flat-leaf parsley, coarsely chopped METHOD 1 Heat the oil in a large pan set over a medium heat. Add the onion and courgette and stir-fry until golden-brown, around 7 mins. 2 Add the minced beef and break it up into small pieces using a wooden.spoon. Brown the meat for around 5 mins until completely cooked, then season…

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the red thread

OUR PICK SUMAC: RECIPES AND STORIES FROM SYRIA Anas Atassi In his debut cookbook, Anas Atassi explores Middle Eastern memories and flavours. Interspersed with tales of summers spent in Syria as a child, and of learning how to cook much-missed dishes from his homeland and mother’s kitchen while at university, are recipes that range from the traditional to Atassi’s own interpretations and adaptations. The book focuses on two key components of Syrian cuisine: sumac and nafas. Known as the ‘red thread’ in the­Netherlands, where Atassi now lives, sumac is the citrussy spice that holds recipes together, from classic labneh (strained yoghurt) and sfeeha (flatbread) to creations such as spicy fish pilaf with caramelised onions. Nafas, meanwhile, is less tangible; translating as ‘breath’, it’s the Syrian way of cooking that ensures ingredients combine harmoniously…

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florida keys

LIONFISH ENCOUNTERS CASTAWAY WATER FRONT RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR When I meet John Mirabella, it soon becomes abundantly clear he has two passions: scuba diving and catching lionfish — which is lucky, because the two go hand in hand. Indigenous to the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, lionfish are considered an invasive species here. It’s unclear how they anchored themselves in the Caribbean, but one theory is that they escaped from a Miami aquarium in the mid 1980s during a flood caused by a hurricane. Whatever the case, these maroon-and-white-striped fish, with their spiky, poisonous spiny dorsal fins, have since established themselves as kings of this underwater jungle, altering an ecosystem in which they have no natural predators. They also can’t be lured by hooked bait, which means they have to be speared. John,…

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spirit of the wild west

Describe an ordinary working day. Nicki: The distillery is a little building/big shed at the bottom of the garden. We are a family team, and a day can consist of anything from hand-peeling oranges and lemons for distilling to delivering orders and manning the stall at the local farmers’ market. It’s a team effort here — what with me being a mum to a toddler (with another one on the way) and Joe still working his ‘day job’. Think lots of latenight bottling and labelling! What makes Elemental Cornish Gin unique? Joe: Set up back in 2013, Elemental was one of the first gins in over 300 years to be exclusively distilled and bottled in Cornwall. It’s a classic, premium gin that pays tribute to the elements, Cornwall and our traditional methods of…

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3,560 THE AGE, IN YEARS, OF ANCIENT WATERMELON LEAVES FOUND ON A MUMMY IN AN EGYPTIAN TOMB, ACCORDING TO SCIENTISTS WHO ANALYSED THER EMAINS LAST YEAR THE WEIGHT OF THE HEAVIEST CANTALOUPE ON RECORD. IT WAS MEASURED IN HAWESVILLE, KENTUCKY ON 5 AUGUST 2019 100. 4m The quantity, in tonnes, of watermelon produced worldwide in 2019, including some 60.8 million tonnes produced by China — the most of any country by far 50kg The level of melon consumption per capita in Kazakhstan in 2018 (the highest in the world). Turkey came in second, with 22kg consumed per person. The global average consumption was 4.25kg per person 92% The percentage of a watermelon that’s water, with the remainder being a mixture of carbohydrates (sugars and dietary fibre) ¥5m THE SUM, EQUIVALENT TO £33,000, PAID BY A JAPANESE BUYER FOR A PAIR…