National Geographic Traveller (UK) July - August 2021

Each issue is packed with authentic travel experiences and vivid photography, plus insights and tips to inspire would-be explorers to travel widely, ethically and safely. We are passionate about experiencing the world, championing sustainable travel and celebrating journeys from a local or cultural perspective.

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National Geographic Traveller (UK)
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Nicky Evans Water is a fact of life in the Netherlands, nowhere more so than in Zeeland. Many of the province’s restaurants were closed during my visit, but eating fresh, barbecued lobster at the roadside was one of those experiences that I’ll cherish. ZEELAND P.56 Aaron Millar Taking an Airstream trailer on an American road trip has long been a dream of mine — they’re the perfect match for the vast landscapes of Utah. I expected adventure and incredible views, but the driving itself was just as spectacular. UTAH P.88 David Whitley Following Australia’s Murray River turned into a journey that told the story of a nation — I learned about everything from Aboriginal culture and wildlife to wool industry heritage and environmental protection. AUSTRALIA P.102 Francesco Lastrucci Exploring the Dominican Republic’s lesser-known north coast enabled me…

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Oliver Smith What struck me in Japan was the intense relationship between sake and the landscape, and how the tiniest differences in the local geology, water and climate could upend the entire character of the drink. Back in England, a sip conjures up memories of snowy mountains, bamboo groves and crimson-hued Japanese maples. JAPAN, P 62 Jessica Vincent Despite growing up in Spain, I knew nothing of Ribera del Duero’s 900-year-old history of making and storing wine underground. What struck me most wasn’t the wineries hidden in plain sight, but the passion with which winemakers are striving to save a tradition on the brink of collapse. SPAIN, P 90 Sarah Barrell Italian cuisine is hyperregional; every dish, every ingredient comes with a story that speaks of a specific place and, often, the long history of…

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editor’s letter

You probably already know about Italian food. Chances are you’ve even got a favourite dish, one that always delivers. Perhaps there’s an Italian restaurant nearby that you’ve loved for years. Or maybe pasta is your speciality in the kitchen. You might even be an enthusiast. Maybe you’ve been to Venice or Tuscany and marvelled at the cuisine — the freshness of the ingredients, the way the classics differ from place to place, how the locals coax such thrilling flavours from seemingly basic recipes. Or perhaps you’re actually something of an authority, with opinions on what makes the best olive oil and the ideal way to cook anchovies. But whatever your relationship with Italian cuisine, there’s always more to learn. And that’s the beauty of it — for its story is different every…

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editor’s letter

If there’s one thing that lockdown has deprived us of above all else, it’s adventure. And I don’t mean scaling sheer rock faces or trekking across deserts, just the literal dictionary definition: an unusual or exciting experience. Life since the coronavirus outbreak has been both hard and humdrum, but with more travel corridors set to open and vaccination programmes continuing apace, at least we can start planning in earnest. Research from Mintel in May found that almost one in five UK travellers is currently gearing up for ‘a trip of a lifetime’ when the pandemic abates — nearly double the number who were making such plans in 2019. Quite what those trips will be we don’t know, but our cover story this issue (p.70) will hopefully offer you some inspiration for your…

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reader awards 2021

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Looking back at a year like no other, the 2021 Reader Awards will ask you to vote for the destinations that kept your spirits up — virtually or otherwise — and had you itching to travel again. We want to reward the companies that gained or retained your trust and the travel TV shows and books that inspired you, as well as innovative online visitor experiences, standout attractions and unique stays up and down the country. Head to the website, have your say and help your favourites get recognised. Cast your votes for a chance to win one of 23 fantastic prizes. Vote today at NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC.CO.UK/READER-AWARDS THE PRIZES A WEEK’S STAY AT A TRULLO VILLA IN PUGLIA, ITALY You and five friends can spend a week at beautiful Trulli…

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1 BUKA KONTONMIRE STEW In the lively Osu district, Buka serves up smartly presented Ghanaian and Nigerian classics in an open-sided dining room. The standout dish is kontonmire stew, a fragrant blend of cocoyam leaves (often replaced with spinach outside of Africa), tomato, onion, pepper, palm oil, egusi (dried and ground gourd seeds) and dried fish. Order it with meat or fish, plus a side of yam or plantain. 2 BELLA A FRIK LOBSTER FETTUCCINE At Bella Afrik, chef Claudio Sarfati creates what he calls ‘Italian tropical’ cuisine. Local produce, especially seafood, is the star in his Mediterranean-style feasts. For the lobster fettuccine, fresh lobster is cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce before being stirred into homemade pasta. Pizzas are a draw, too, with the signature topping, of course, being lobster. On Sundays, there’s…