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Notícias & Política
New Internationalist

New Internationalist

January-February 2020

New Internationalist tackles today's most challenging global issues, confronts inequality and injustice and reports on positive changes happening around the world. Well-known for writing about topics before they reach the wider media, it is an essential read for those who want to explore progressive ideas.

United States
New Internationalist Publications
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border reality check

The Trump administration first started to tear children from their parents at the Mexican border in April 2018. As photographs spread of distraught toddlers in wire-mesh cages, outraged activists and the general public mounted protests and legal challenges. After three months, President Trump seemed to admit defeat: the child separation policy was officially reversed. But Jacinta Gonzalez had noticed a problem. ‘If you say “families belong together”, they lock up entire families,’ the immigrant-rights advocate wrote on the website Truth Out. ‘Want to stop child separation? Stop sending their parents to prison.’ Gonzalez was right – it proved to be a hollow victory. The executive order that called a halt to separation sought to imprison families together instead. And since August 2019, a new law allows the US to detain migrant children…

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this month’s contributors include:

Yewande Omotoso is an architect and prize-winning novelist in South Africa. Her latest book is Woman Next Door (Chatto and Windus, 2016). Gaby Del Valle is an immigration reporter and the co-founder of BORDER/LINES. Born in Colombia, she currently lives in Brooklyn. Amel al-Zakout is a Syrian visual artist, puppet maker and filmmaker. She is studying art and media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipsig. Luke Butterly is an Irish writer and journalist. His work focuses on the politics of immigration in Ireland, Britain and France.…

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new internationalist

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send us your feedback

Murky business Thank you for your considered Big Story on China (NI 522). I read with interest ‘Living in a ghost world’ which outlines the persecution and privations suffered by the Uyghur people in Xinjiang. I feel that news and reportage from the region cannot expose the true horror of what is afoot due to the clampdown by the Chinese authorities. Forced labour in internment camps in the region has led to calls to boycott cotton from Xinjiang – the territory produces over 80 per cent of the country’s cotton. However, tracing back the links is proving extremely difficult as cotton products from the region get shipped to garment producers in other countries in South Asia like Bangladesh and Vietnam, often ending up as ready-to-wear items on the racks of high-street clothing…

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the city in public

A few weeks after my grandmother died I sold my Ford Ikon and found myself without a car in a place where owning one, navigating with one, felt as essential as being in a world where my family’s matriarch still lived and breathed. From the time I moved from Cape Town to Jo’burg the city’s vastness has always left me in awe. It stretches, unknowable. And depending on who you are, how much money you have, your gender, your sexuality, and of course whether you have a car or not, that expansiveness is experienced in different ways. Being an architect who also worked several years for an urban designer, this way in which cities are used differently – by machines and bodies – has always been of interest to me. When…

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Thousands of African refugees and migrants heading for the US and Canada have been left in a state of limbo in Mexico. While shifting US immigration policy on its southern border is aimed at Central American travellers, it has also interrupted the journeys of people from countries such as Cameroon, Mali and Nigeria who are taking this route in increasing numbers. Having run the gauntlet of poisonous animals, bandits and drug cartels in the Darien Gap – one of the most deadly jungles on Earth – to cross from Colombia into Panama and on into Mexico, migrants find themselves trapped. The US ‘asylum ban’ – brought in last July – bars anyone who has passed through a ‘third safe country’ from seeking refuge in the US, and a more strictly enforced ‘metering’ system…