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PEARL March 2020

Pearl magazine delves into questions that agitate humanity. In these triubled times of ferment accumulating from all sides, when everything is at a boil at the same time, unparalleled in history, a quest runs through the people: many yearn for a cleansing of human foolish wilfulness and to see a better time; more and more people want to revert to the 'natural', to adapt to natural living conditions; people want to make life new, healthy, more beautiful and fairer. How many people would heave a huge sigh of relief if through their own sober, objective and unbiased scrutiny they could unerringly recognise comprehensive answers to burning human questions, and answers of such completeness and consistency as to enable them affirm their lives on the path of true upbuilding to only what is good!

New Millennium Press
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There is only one Creator, one God, and hence only one Power which streams through all that exists, animating and furthering it! This pure, creative Power of God flows continually through the whole Creation, lies in it and is inseparable from it. It is to be found everywhere: in the air, in every drop of water, in the growing rock, the struggling plant, the animal, and naturally also in man. There is nothing where it would not be. And just as it flows through everything, so it also streams unceasingly through man. Now the latter is so constituted that he resembles a lens. Just as a lens collects the sun’s rays streaming through it, and passes them on in concentrated form, so that the heat-giving rays, united on one spot, singe and…

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lifting fog

In the present time we are living through, nothing can continue to remain motionless nor in stagnation; every constituent part of the world is being compelled into movement and in the process, as it gains strength and life, it will reveal its true nature. The same pertains to the inner and outer life of humans, and not only is our nature and striving thereby strengthened, but also the motive that often lies hidden or dormant in the heart and of which we may not even be aware, or which, as is more usual, we mask with a different countenance or posture. Such hidden or slumbering quality will become enlivened, so that the individual may judge himself or herself according to the Cosmic Laws that manifest and uphold the omnipotent Will…

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In writing a letter to the magazine, please include the writer’s name, address, and daytime telephone number, and bear in mind that letters to the editor always reflect the writer’s personal opinion, which is not necessarily that of the editors. We may edit letters for length and clarity, and we ask for your understanding that only part of the texts submitted can be published. Send letters via e-mail to mail@pearl-magazine.com, or by post to: Correspondence, Pearl Magazine, PO Box 73999, London E5 5EH, United Kingdom. Men speak of deserved and undeserved fate, of reward and punishment, retribution and karma. All these are only part-designations of a Law resting in Creation: The Law of Reciprocal Action! A Law which lies in the entire Creation from its earliest beginning, which has been inseparably interwoven with…

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christopher vasey

The speed of progression of events is not constant over time, as was believed well into the 20th century. Since then, the rate has accelerated in various fields, hence the term ‘acceleration of history’. How is this acceleration taking place? Where does it come from and what does it mean? A change of pace: In the past, we willingly accepted as fact that the speed of development of events has always remained constant here on earth. Today, however, even the most obtuse sceptic must accept that the accumulation of events over shorter and shorter intervals is unprecedented in the period of recorded history. And it is far from being a passing phenomenon; this acceleration continues on its course today and will even intensify. This phenomenon has been referred to as the ‘acceleration…

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ìsíjú ka

Everyone has a different idea about the values that life offers. The narcotic addict who quietly indulges his vice in a dark corner will hold a different view of what constitutes a satisfying life than that held by an executive of an industrial conglomerate. The archaeologist who can go wild with delight over a sculpture from antiquity also evaluates his existence on earth differently to a person engaged in a nursing or caring profession who is totally dedicated to his or her patients and charges. However, they all have one thing in common: They find life worth living if it pays sufficient attention to their inclinations and dispositions. If the drug addict has enough time and money to lie on the mat while high, the company director can take advantage of…

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jeremias gotthelf

The grandfather began, and all the faces grew tense once again: ‘There is not much to add to what I know, but I will tell you what there is of it; perhaps someone may benefit from it in the present day and age, and it would truly do no harm to many people to hear it. ‘When the people realised that the spider was confined and they were sure of their lives again, it is said that they felt as though they were in heaven and the good Lord was in their midst with His bliss, and for a long time all was well. They kept a steadfast faith in God and renounced the devil, and even the knights who had moved in anew into the castle stood in awe of…