Photo Review

Photo Review

June - August 2020

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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the only constant is change

Early in 2020 a strange thing began to happen all over the world. Whether it was a boisterous pub on a Friday evening, the singing crowd at the football, a murmuring congregation packed in a tiny church or kids surging around a playground, everywhere there came a day when such things stopped. There isn't a specific date when the change happened. That was down to the particularities in each country. But by April, most of the earth’s 7+ billion inhabitants knew that we were in a new world, one in which any one of us could suddenly sicken with a dangerous illness that had not existed this time last year. It is a phenomenon much remarked upon in art history circles that the great flu pandemic of 1918 did not have an…

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born to be wild

Where have you gone on your family’s farm to get phone reception? I’m in the middle of a paddock. It’s stormy and I’ll go behind a tree if it gets too windy. It’s a 2000-hectare sheep farm on the Murrumbidgee River [near Cooma, in southern NSW]. It’s beautiful, quite hilly country and half of our land is pretty much untouched wilderness. My father’s family goes back six generations here, having first settled in about 1880. And 1840 on my mum’s side, just up the road. I live in my grandfather’s old house. Do you do most of your wildlife photography on the farm? Almost all of it’s here and within 100km of home. I have the snow an hour away, the coast an hour away, and a very big backyard to play in.…

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head on photo festival 2020

The Head On Photo Festival program was just starting to ramp up final preparations for their ambitious 2020 program of events across Sydney when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia. Like everyone else, festival director Moshe Rosenzveig and his team suddenly found themselves having to radically reconfigure almost every aspect of their lives and their plans, both personal and professional. In a statement on the Head On Photo Festival website, Moshe said ‘We recognise the extraordinary effort photographers have put into delivering Award entries and preparing exhibitions over recent months and plan to honour and celebrate this by working to create an online Head On Photo Festival and Awards.’ In the midst of social distancing orders and an economy wide shuttering of most outside the home activity, Moshe and the team transformed the…

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the smallest moments

When the coronavirus pandemic upended life as we knew it, the effect on documentary and news photographer Sean Davey’s personal work was not perhaps what one might imagine. For twenty years the Canberra native has made a name for himself working with editorial publications, corporate organisations, not-for-profits and government departments. Sean’s work has garnered commendations from the likes of World Press Photo (Contemporary Issues category in 2020), National Photographic Portrait Prize (Runner-Up 2016), the Olive Cotton Portrait Prize and the Moran Contemporary Photography Prize (Highly Commended 2009) competitions. In 2017 he was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to photograph the winding down of the Australian Government’s Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, a commission that enabled him to continue his personal documentary work in the country. The…

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delving deeper

“We can use visual storytelling to help us navigate our uncertain future” An Olympus Visionary for the better part of half a decade, Michaela Skovranova has devoted herself to the art of documentary storytelling through her photographs and filmmaking. What began with a primary focus on underwater projects and personal work has widened to now include broader environmental stories. ‘In 2017 in addition to personal projects,’ Michaela says, ‘I started working as a photojournalist with National Geographic and since then my work has expanded to working with a range of different clients such as Greenpeace, Time Magazine and Instagram.’ As the mix of her photographic interests has changed, so too has her approach to picture-taking. ‘I have started to delve deeper into human and environmental stories both above and below water to understand…

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japan’s art islands

Why visit The ‘Art Islands’ are in Japan’s Inland Sea, which lies between the main islands of Honshu and Shikoku. The islands have become increasingly attractive to visitors since the first Setouchi International Art Festival ( in 2010, and they are currently on many art lovers’ ‘bucket lists’. The Setouchi festival covers just over 100 days and is spread across three seasons – spring, summer and autumn – and 12 islands, as well as the port cities of Takamatsu and Uno. It was established to address issues arising from massive depopulation in recent decades due to lack of job opportunities. Bringing contemporary art and architecture to the islands – along with performing arts and exhibitions of local crafts, local cuisine and traditional culture – the festival has provided residents with meaningful work, encouraging…