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Photo Review June - August 2017

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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confessions of a dilettante

Maybe Weegee is being a little unkind to those camera-toting barbers, grocers, etc, in calling them dilettantes rather than, say, enthusiasts, but the observation does resonate. Although I’ve taken thousands of pictures every year for close to five decades, I’ve never earned a living from pressing a shutter button. My work has never been exhibited, I’ve entered exactly one photography competition and the last time I pulled together a proper portfolio, Ronald Reagan was president of the USA. Apart from getting into Ansel Adams workshops a couple of times, I have never attended a photography class. I am – and always will be – a passionate amateur. Happily, one does not need to earn a living from the lens to be in love with pictures and the art and practice of picture…

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on a new path

‘I knew that I was on a path, and I knew that I had done something that was a little bit different.’ When Lisa Saad was a girl, her family had a beach house at a little spot called Coronet Bay on the eastern shore of Victoria’s Western Port Bay, 100 or so kilometres from Melbourne. Although the place was at the lock-up stage, in the early years the interior still needed lots of work. Many school holidays entailed visits so that Lisa’s father could gradually finish the house. And, as all home renovators know, building materials disposal is always a problem. ‘We'd often go to the tip and I’d jump in the car with my Dad and my godfather when they went. They would be unloading the trailer and I'd go…

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doing business down art street

‘Although all of my work is done on the street, I could in no way be classed as a traditional street photographer.’ You have a very artistic approach to photography, but you’re making it work on a commercial level. How do you do that? Brett Canet-Gibson: It’s interesting you say that because for years, whenever I shopped my folio around to clients, people said, ‘Brett, you’re very arty.’ It took me years to take that on board as a good thing. I tried to temper-down my work. Three years ago I flipped it on its head by going out to create the work, then seek the client. Now maybe 80 percent of the time, instead of fulfilling a client’s visual brief, I shoot images, then find avenues to get them out there. It comes…

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ballarat’s biennale continues the tradition

Opening on 19 August and running for 31 days across five weekends to 17 September, the 2017 Ballarat Foto Biennale can be ranked with the other great world photo festivals and biennales. The theme, performance of identity, is one everyone can relate to, looking at different cultures around the world and ‘how genders and cultures are globally unequal’, said Director, Fiona Sweet. ‘Photography is the most democratic of art forms, everyone uses it every day and we have such a visual literacy now, especially with young people,’ said Fiona. ‘I hope this program provides something everyone can relate to.’ Founded by renowned Victorian photographer Jeff Moorfoot in 2005, the festival is a not-for-profit celebration of photography which is staged at locations all across the city of Ballarat. There are eight core…

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sea the difference

‘As a photographer one of the most valuable skills I have gained is being able to see light. Its intricacies and its incredible and powerful qualities.’ If there’s one thing Olympus Visionary and busy commercial photographer Lachlan Moore really loves, it’s pulling on a wetsuit, snugging his Olympus E-M5 Mark II into a PT-EP13 underwater case and wading into the chilly waters along the shores of Victoria’s Phillip Island on a sparkling winter morning. Moore, who divides his time between his Melbourne photography studio and family life along the coast said he’d dabbled with waterproof housings on commercial jobs in the past, including on one memorable occasion when he photographed swimmer Michael Klim. ‘It was sensational fun, however that was it for water housings until my relationship with Olympus began – which…

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kati thanda – lake eyre

Why visit? Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, as it is now officially known, was renamed in December 2012 to reflect its importance to the Arabana and the Dieri People, who hold native title rights over the lake and surrounding region. The National Park is co-managed by an Advisory Committee, comprising members of the Arabana people and representatives of the South Australian Government. Although most of the lake complex is located in South Australia, the Lake Eyre basin extends into Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. It contains the lowest natural point in Australia and is one of the most varied desert environments in the continent. During the rainy season the rivers from central Queensland flow towards the lake through the Channel Country, covering up to 9500 square kilometres on the rare occasions when the…