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Photo Review September - November 2017

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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Cygnus... Pegasus... Ursa Minor... Cassiopeia... One by one my father would point out the constellations as we looked up at the clear, high, desert night sky. As a kid I could usually see the patterns as he traced them out – but unless the shape was something simple such as Ursa minor or Orion’s Belt, odds were that I wouldn’t be able to find it the next night. I’d never be a celestial navigator. For the most part the stars were – and remain – to my eyes spectacularly beautiful but randomly distributed points of light. And yet for countless generations, those very same stars portrayed gods and mythic figures, were harbingers of seasonal change and guided hunters, navigators and explorers. Seeing patterns (real and imaginary) in the heavens and the physical…

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‘Most of the time I feel like I'm kind of invisible’ ‘Most of the time I feel like I'm kind of invisible,’ says Sydney-based street photographer and full-time high school teacher Sam Ferris. ‘It’s a nice feeling. I just sort of float through the crowds... it feels like you're not really there.’ Long before he had any idea that there was even such a thing as street photography or indeed before he picked up a camera with artistic intent, Sam had been absorbing the visual language and syntax of picture making. Growing up in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, he lived in a home filled with art books. His father Jeffrey Ferris is a painter and as a boy, young Sam was surrounded by art and the making of art. ‘He was a…

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mining at the ends of the earth

‘Just taking pictures doesn’t necessarily float my boat. It’s the subject matter and experiences that do that.’ At his home in the Perth Hills, Hugh Brown has been on the phone, completing preparations for his next major overseas trip. In the past eight months he’s done hostile-environment survival training, meditation courses, self-defence training and complex risk assessments. Basically everything he can do to ensure he comes back home alive. On the day we spoke, he’d been tracking down people who could assist with first aid training in case he or people with him were to suffer any injuries. Corporate mining photography has been Brown’s bread-and-butter work, and even that has physical dangers that can’t be ignored. But it’s his ongoing personal project, The Cruellest Earth, that pushes the limits. For seven years he has been…

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merimbula and the sapphire coast

‘The region has something to offer all year round and its climate provides no barrier to when you should visit’ Why visit? Location-wise, the NSW Sapphire Coast is a popular holiday destination for people in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. The region extends from Bermagui in the north to the Victorian border and takes in the inland towns of Bega, Bemboka, Candelo, Cobargo and Wyndham, as well as the coastal towns of Tathra, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden and Womboyn Lake. Merimbula sits on the coast roughly in the centre of the region, providing easy access to the rest of the area. There's plenty of accommodation, good shopping, lots to do and some excellent photo opportunities; small wonder so many people choose it as their holiday destination. When to go The region has something to offer all year…

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ice is nice

Griffin Hammond, who studied film at New York University and earned a Masters in Communication from Illinois State University, has been an executive producer for the YouTube channel IndyMogul, shot and edited the award winning documentary ‘Sriracha’, produced a popular DIY filmmaking tutorial series and, most recently, spent 30 months on the campaign trail covering the 2016 US presidential election for Bloomberg TV. ‘I compose video the same way I compose a photograph’ As global brand ambassador for the Panasonic GH5, Hammond, who has been using Panasonic cameras for his work since 2010 when he started shooting with a GH1, has a freewheeling approach to his work that will be familiar to many stills photographers. ‘I’m more of a run-and-gun filmmaker, so I don’t storyboard,’ he says. ‘I prefer to let the environment…

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how good is your colour perception?

Does everyone see red in the same way? How about blue, green or yellow? Your colour perception depends upon how your brain and vision interact to interpret the light reflected from everything you see. We define this interaction as 'colour vision' – and it can be different in different people. Unfortunately, roughly one in 12 men and one in 200 women among populations of European origin suffer from a condition popularly known as 'colour blindness'. Africans, Asians and Hispanics are also affected but at lower rates. Colour blindness results from anomalies in the light-sensitive photoreceptors in the retina, a thin layer of tissue at the back of the eye that detects light. These photoreceptors contain pigment molecules that are chemically changed when they absorb light, triggering electrical signals that pass to the…