Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 66

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass. Landscape photography is all about light. Knowing how it works is crucial in creating beautiful images. In this issue you’ll learn exactly how to use soft and gentle Golden Hour light to create beautiful atmospheric images. We cover lenses in detail, in our expert guide, so you can make the right choice when purchasing, and you’ll discover how to bring a dull photo back to life in a great Photoshop video tutorial. We also being you an in-depth interview with professional photographer, retoucher, and Digital Artist, Steve Thewis. And don’t miss the lowdown on the Zeiss Otus 55 mm f/1.4 Lens, where we discuss whether this really could be the best standard prime lens in the world! We hope you enjoy this issue. If you try…

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editor’s choice

HELLO - THE MOVIE By: Dheny Patungka Portfolio | Instagram LAVENDER SUNSET By: Alfonso Novillo Portfolio DSC By: Dheny Patungka Shot Details: Sony a7S, at 34mm, f/7.1, 1/125 sec, ISO 320 Portfolio | Instagram SHE By: Maria Svarbova Shot Details: Canon 5D Mark III, at 50mm, f/4, 1/30 sec, ISO 1000 Website | Instagram FISHING By: Dheny Patungka Portfolio | Instagram LYDIA By: Brice Lehmann Shot Details: Canon 5D Mark III, 1/160 sec, ISO 200 Website | Instagram ORANGE AND BLUE By: Alfonso Novillo Portfolio DP02 By: Dheny Patungka Shot Details: Sony a7S, at 26mm, f/8, 1/125 sec, ISO 125 Portfolio | Instagram THE VISITOR By: Alfonso Novillo Portfolio WINTER IS COMING By: Alfonso Novillo Portfolio…

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camera lenses explained

Photo by: Zarak Khan Your lens is incredibly important – good optics are the key to great images. Understanding camera lenses thoroughly can help to improve your images and help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing. Let’s have a look at some of the different aspects of camera lenses. LENS ELEMENTS All lenses are comprised of several ‘lens elements’. These direct the path of light rays so that your image is recreated as accurately as possible on your digital sensor. The goal of the elements is to reduce and minimize aberrations. Optical aberrations can cause a variety of issues such as image blurring, distortion, loss of contrast, vignetting or chromatic aberration (colour fringing round subjects). These occur when points in the image don’t translate back onto single points after passing…

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masterclass learn to create beautiful golden hour landscapes

DON’T GO AWAY By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: Nikon D800, at 15mm, f/11, 3 sec, ISO 100, +3 EV Portfolio PRESENCE By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: A special day in Iceland. Nikon D800, at 14mm, f/11, 2 sec, ISO 100, +2 EV Portfolio KINGDOM OF GOLD By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: Nikon D800, at 14mm, f/13, 1/20 sec, ISO 100, +2 EV Portfolio DESIRE By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: Chasing lenticular clouds in the Dolomites. Nikon D800, at 70mm, f/5, 1.6 sec, ISO 125 Portfolio STAR By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: A five minute exposure facing Kirkjufell between golden and blue hour. This is the result. Nikon D800, at 14mm, f/11, 301 sec, ISO 100 Portfolio PEACE OF MIND By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: Lofoten Islands, Norway. Nikon D800, at 52mm, f/13, 15 sec, ISO 100 Portfolio FACING THE SEA By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot Details: Nikon D800, at 14mm, f/18, 25 sec, ISO 100 Portfolio TIDES By: Lorenzo Nadalini Shot…

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video how to photograph a sunrise or sunset

In this video, I will reveal my best secrets for shooting strong sunset and golden hour shots. You can download the RAW files from this video to try out yourself here ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I’m passionate about photography. I specialize in landscapes, cities and interior designs. I love to learn new photography or retouching techniques and share them. I like very dramatic type photos, inspired by world famous movies. I think that creating images for people to enjoy is the most amazing job in the world. For more tutorials visit my website or YouTube channel, or view my portfolio.…

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featured photographer: steve thewis

Photographic Speciality/Style: Digital Art Short Bio: Originally from Belgium and currently living in Bedfordshire, I’m a photographer and digital artist. I brought my first camera and started taking photographs of anything and everything and although I enjoyed it, I wanted to stand out from the other photographers but at this stage I had no idea what road I wanted to take. I had never really been a fan of landscape photography, so I set out to take photos of people. My first shoot was for an album cover and I enjoyed that shoot but it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I decided to make photography my full time job. Being in the UK seemed to open more doors and opportunities for me. I got the opportunity to meet some celebrities and shoot…