Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 67

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass. Using silhouettes in your images can produce some really dramatic results when done correctly. In this issue, you’ll learn exactly how to photograph silhouettes to get the best results and create some really interesting images. Also in this issue, Fine Art landscape photographer, Jenny Cameron, shares some of her secrets for landscape photography editing in Photoshop. In our post processing tutorial find out if converting your RAW files to DNG may be a mistake. We also bring you an in-depth interview with documentary and travel photographer and cinematographer, Stuart Dunn, who recently won the Travel Photographer of the Year Award. And don’t miss the lowdown on the NiSi Prosories P1 Smartphone Filters, a simple piece of kit to bring the power of DSLR filters to…

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editor’s choice

DON’T BE A COW By: Martin Podt Shot Details: Sony a5100. A combination of 2 images Portfolio | Website MAGICAL STOKNESS By: Saskia Dingemans Shot Details: Sony a7R, at 16mm, f/16, 6 sec, ISO 50 Portfolio | Facebook FIRST GLIMPSE OF THE SUN By: Saruk Tamrakar Shot Details: Taken in Birtamod, Jhapa District of Nepal (also known as the southern plains of Nepal). I took this photo at early sunrise while out riding our bikes in the chilly mornings to explore the area. Canon 550D, with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens, at 50mm, f/3.2, 1/2000 sec, ISO 400 Portfolio | Facebook FROZEN IN AUTUMN By: Saskia Dingemans Shot Details: Sony a7R, at 16mm, f/16, 6 sec, ISO 50 Portfolio | Facebook TOO MUCH STUDYING By: Goran Vujic Shot Details: Nikon D750 Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di (VC) USD 24mm/ f/5.6/ 1/200s/ ISO 100 Portfolio | Youtube FOGGY MEMORY By: Saskia…

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landscape photography editing secrets in photoshop

In this article, fine art landscape photographer, Jenny Cameron, reveals some of her secrets for editing her incredible landscape images in Photoshop. Living in the Scottish Highlands, Jenny describes her photography as an “addiction good & proper”. She loves nothing more than her morning cup of tea, packet of biscuits and Photoshop. Here’s the Raw file we will be working with. It was taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV, with a Canon 16-35mm USM lens, at 34mm, f/11, 131 seconds, ISO 100. A Haida ND 3.6 (12 stop) neutral density filter was also fitted. The image was captured on the beautiful banks of Loch Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland. After opening the image up in Photoshop, the first thing we are going to begin with is making sure we’ve removed any unwanted objects. With…

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masterclass how to create dramatic silhouettes

STARING AT THE SEA By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D610, at 18mm, f/16, 1.6 sec, ISO 100 Portfolio | Instagram WHEN DARKNESS FALLS By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D610, at 16mm, f/11, 38 sec, ISO 200 Portfolio | Instagram GO YOUR OWN WAY By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D610, at 35mm, f/8, 1/1000 sec, ISO 100, - 0.7 EV Portfolio | instagram IN LINE By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D750, at 16mm, f/9, 1/250 sec, ISO 125, - 0.3 EV Portfolio | Instagram SILENCE By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D750, at 85mm, f/9, 1/125 sec, ISO 125, + 0.7 EV Portfolio | Instagram EMPTINESS By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D750, at 16mm, f/9, 1/80 sec, ISO 160 Portfolio | Instagram WINTER SUN By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D750, at 16mm, f/9, 1/1000 sec, ISO 125, - 0.3 EV Portfolio | Instagram CONTEMPLATION By: Christophe Staelens Shot Details: Nikon D750, at 18mm, f/11, 1/160…

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featured photographer: stuart dunn

Photographic Speciality/Style: Documentary, Travel and Cinematography Short Bio: Stuart was born in Newcastle 1977. He studied at the Northern Media School and gained a Masters Degree in Cinematography. Upon completion of his studies, Stuart embarked on his first filming expedition with fellow student and friend Pandula. On a shoestring budget and completely unpaid, they travelled to the Tamil Tiger controlled regions of northern Sri Lanka in an attempt to film and tell the story of the civil war that had raged for over twenty years and give voice to the 500 thousand refugees displaced by the conflict. A baptism by fire to say the least. Since then Stuart has gained an abundance of credits in a variety of publications and TV programmes. He now divides his time between the world of photography and cinematography,…

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behind the scenes: martin heck’s “100 hours in iceland” timelapse

Back in early September I got the chance to do a quick trip to Iceland. On the day of departure my local camera store got a brand new Nikon D850 for me (2 days before official release) and I was able to bring it straight to Iceland to shoot some nice timelapses along the trip. It was my first time there and we were hoping to get some insane Aurora since a coronal mass ejection was heading toward earth. We apparently got some really high KP values over KP8 but we were kind of disappointed how moderate the aurora actually was. We figured it was so strong it got pushed into lower latitudes actually. But overall it was an incredible trip for me and surely just a taste of what all…