Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 68

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editor's note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass. You may have worked with the rule of thirds in your composition but have you ever used the Golden Ratio? Using the Golden Ratio can allow you to create images that really catch the eye and are extremely attractive to a viewer. This is a powerful composition tool that’s worth getting to grips with and in this issue we show you how. Also in this issue - we look at exactly what program mode on your camera does and how you can use it. You'll discover how to rescue an underexposed photo in a great Photoshop video tutorial. We also bring you an in-depth interview with internationally awarded landscape photographer, Simon Cmoon, who is sponsored by Haida filters, Novoflex and supported by Nikon. And don't…

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editor’s choice

PASTELS By: Daniel Greenwood Shot Details: Nikon D810, with Nikon AF-S Zoom 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens, at 14mm, f/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 800 Portfolio | Facebook RAW POWER By: Danilo Faria Shot Details: Canon 6D, at 23mm, f/4, 15 sec, ISO 200 Portfolio | Website PROPULSION SYSTEM By: Azul Obscura Portfolio | Website THE SEVEN-HEADED WILD BEAST By: Danilo Faria Portfolio | Website BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME By: Dina Belenko Shot Details: Nikon D800, with Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens, at 50mm, f/10, 1/160 sec, ISO 200 Portfolio | Instagram CHERRY ON TOP By: Dina Belenko Shot Details: My summer plans are exactly like this carefully balanced tower. I want to do so many things! Let's hope I'll be able to juggle all of them. Cherry on top of a balancing stack of bowls and cups filled with berries. Final touch concept on a white background with copy space. Portfolio |…

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expert guide all about program mode

In this Expert Guide, we’re going to look at Program Mode, designated by ‘P’ on your camera’s shooting mode dial. We’ll look at what program mode does, how it works and how to use it to get the best results out of your camera. WHAT IS PROGRAM MODE? A lot of people mistakenly think that the camera’s Program and Auto Mode are the same thing. But they are actually quite different. Auto is a truly automatic mode; where the camera sets all your functions such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance and flash (if you have a pop up flash built into the camera). Program mode is a lot more flexible. It’s a semi-automatic mode, which means that you can still let the camera choose settings but you have a lot more…

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masterclass supercharge your composition with the golden ratio

REUNITING WITH THE STARS By: Sarah Allegra Shot Details: This was shot in my previous apartment's living room, in front of a window that I threw some black fabric over. There was already a small bookcase under the window sill which my model, Katie Johnson, sat on. I used a couple of hardware store clamp lights to light her - really hightech, expensive, fancy stuff:) The sparkles were added in Photoshop. Nikon D5100, at 45mm, f/5.3, 1/50 sec, ISO 800. Portfolio | Website BRIDE MOMENTS By: Tran Andrea Shot Details: When I first arrived at Julia's house the first thing that captured my attention was those stairs. At that time I was really obsessed with the golden ratio and I found it extremely satisfying taking this shot. Portfolio | Website FIBONACCI By: Pedro Jarque Krebs Shot Details: Canon 5D Mark…

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supercharge your composition with the golden ratio

In this Masterclass, I’ll be looking at the Golden Ratio, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral. The Golden Ratio could be seen as the next step on from the Rule of Thirds, one of the first composition ‘rules’ we learn about in photography. Let’s start by briefly looking at the Rule of Thirds. THE RULE OF THIRDS The Rule of Thirds is the basis for learning to take well-balanced shots. The idea is to break down an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically, like so: For example, the three horizontal lines can be very effectively used to divide up a landscape shot. Aim to get a third of skyline in the top box, a third of horizon in the middle box and a third of foreground in the bottom box. You will…

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video the golden ratio vs. the rule of thirds ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Independent Initiative are a film production company dedicated to leading film in a new direction. We believe that art, and filmmaking in particular, is not to simply reflect the brokenness of our sad reality, but to paint a picture of how the world could be and should be, and perhaps one day will be. we are a group of film professionals that are devoted to the task of bringing hope and restoration to our world while refusing to compromise artistic quality or integrity.…