Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 72

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editor's note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass. We’ve all seen magical winter images of snow and ice, especially around Christmas time. Winter light can produce some incredible images if you know how to use it correctly. In this issue we look at exactly how to use winter light to your advantage to create some stunning winter images of your own. In our expert guide, we look at why marketing is an important and vital part of modern photography. You'll discover how to retouch Christmas landscapes in a great Lightroom video tutorial. We also bring you an in-depth interview with surf and underwater photographer, Sarah Lee. And don't miss the lowdown on the Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone - the Smartphone with triple Leica Camera lenses! We hope you enjoy this issue. If you try…

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editor’s choice

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traits of great photographers

TRAITS OF GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS In this video, Tony & Chelsea talk about which traits make a great photographer. By researching many famous photographers, they've found the traits that unite them. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chelsea and Tony Northrup are photographers based in Connecticut. They are the creators of the top-rated photography book, “Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography” which features over nine hours of video training and free lifetime updates. To see more of their tutorials and photos you can follow them on Facebook and YouTube…

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why marketing is important for photographers

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or a keen amateur who’s looking to take on some paid jobs or sell your work, marketing is a vital part of modern photography. The trouble is that a lot of creative people aren’t necessarily great at marketing. But, in order to sell your work, it’s fair to say that you need 50% talent and 50% marketing and business skills. So, why is marketing so important? With digital technology and the internet, it has never been easier to share images. There can be a saturation of photographs out there, so marketing is vital to make sure that your images stand out from the crowd. Without marketing yourself, it would be difficult for a potential client or buyer to find your work. Marketing allows you to make a name for…

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lightroom video tutorial: retouching christmas landscapes

In this video I teach you how to retouch a Christmas landscape and how to recreate the light in your photo to get it exactly how you want. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I’m passionate about photography. I specialize in landscapes, cities and interior designs. I love to learn new photography or retouching techniques and share them. I like very dramatic type photos, inspired by world famous movies. I think that creating images for people to enjoy is the most amazing job in the world. For more tutorials visit my Website or YouTube channel, or view my Portfolio.…

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masterclass create incredible images working with winter light

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