Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 81

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of photography masterclass. Thre's something magical about photographing the night sky and coming away with a shot that really blows people away. In this issue, Ole Henrik Skjelstad, who has been described as one of the best landscape photographers in the world, shares his tips and tricks for photographing the stars, the milky way and our incredible night sky. Also in this issue - In our expert guide, we look at everything you need to know about styling and posing people for portraits, and you'll discover how tofix dark shadows in a great Photoshop video tutorial. We also bring you an in-depth interview with landscape photographer, Danilo Faria, whose incredible work has been described as “artistic, edgy, and sophisticated” and for good reason! And don't miss the lowdown…

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styling and posing people for portraits

Photo by: Janko Ferlic For a lot of photographers, the hardest thing about shooting portraits isn’t the actual photography! Knowing how to style and pose people in portraits is a crucial part of being a good portrait photographer, and it’s also something that people you’re photographing will often be unsure about. So, in this article we’ll look at everything you need to know about styling and posing. STYLING What your subjects wear in a portrait is a crucial factor in the success of your image. Overbearing clothing can distract from your subject and indeed can ruin the whole look of a shot. Here are some tips to follow and pass on to those you’re photographing. 1. Darker clothes do help to make subjects look slimmer. They also help to blend the body into the background,…

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master shooting under the stars

INTRO Ever since I got my first camera I have wanted to shoot the night sky and, most notably, the Milky Way. This desire was awakened in me after seeing many amazing images which, in various ways, portrayed the part of the milky way which stands out from the rest of it — the density of stars, gasses etc are much higher along this band called the "core". I believed I had to travel to the southern parts of Europe in order to shoot the milky way. Great was my joy when, one late August evening, four years ago, I discovered it right over my head. Where I live, approximately 60 km north of Oslo, Norway, the Milky Way is very visible from around the middle of August until early winter. In August,…

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video tutorial: how to edit the milky way in lightroom or photoshop

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Howdy! I’m Josh Cripps, head photo nerd here at Pro Photo Tips. I discovered nature photography in late 2006 and was instantly and irreversibly hooked. Somewhere along the way I discovered that I love teaching other photographers all the little tips, tricks, and chunks of knowledge I’ve learned over the years. And while I do love teaching workshops, in 2014 I decided I wanted to reach more photographers, and to help photographers around the world improve their skills. I recorded a few videos for YouTube and before I knew it they were surging in popularity and people were clamoring for more! It was clear there was a huge need in the world for simple, well-thought out photography tips, and voila! Pro Photo Tips was born.…

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featured photographer: danilo faria

Photographic Speciality/Style: Landscape, fine art, long exposures, storm chasing. I definitely do not have a straight out of the camera style; however, I do think one should shoot images as close as you can to your final vision. I learned that the better my image is straight out of the camera, the less time I need to spend in post-processing. Short Bio: Above all, I love to be outdoors. Photography has pushed me to go places I otherwise would never think of going to. Since taking photography seriously, I have backpacked and hiked to incredible places, met great people and enjoyed nature like never before. My love for photography took off dramatically when was I given a digital SLR camera, which has allowed me to bring to print all the colours, textures, drama, and…

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behind the scenes: florian pinter’s the mirror project - a timelapse film

The Mirror Project is a timelapse experiment that has a unique look and takes the viewer to a surreal world of mirrored realities. It is the fight between nature and the "urban wildlife" (cities) that is shown in the film where peaceful nature shots are interrupted by aggressive and flashy scenes that could be right out of a science fiction movie. In combination with a beautiful and creative sound design, The Mirror Project takes you to a different world where "reality is only a matter of perspective". EQUIPMENT USED: Canon EOS 7D MkII Canon EOS 7D Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 Canon 50mm F1.8 Syrp Genie Mini pocketslider SOFTWARE USED: LRTimelapse Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe After Effects CC Adobe Premiere CC Syrp Genie App SOUND DESIGN: By Nikos Nadiotis ABOUT: Follow more of Florian Printer's work on Instagram…