Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 87

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of photography Masterclass. Who doesn’t love spending time with their pets and getting lovely photos of them? We all want to be able to capture the animals in our lives. But photographing animals can be challenging. However, with a little time and patience, you can get wonderful photographs of your pets. In this issue, we give you the tips and tricks you need to shoot perfect pet photography. You’ll end up with far more memorable and beautiful shots than those you’ve been snapping on your phone and it’s well worth the small amount of time and effort that’s required. Also in this issue - in our expert guide, we cover 7 quick Lightroom tricks every photographer should know, and you'll discover two Lightroom keyboard shortcuts you should be using in…

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editor’s choice

By: Jeffrey Czum Instagram By: Collis Torrington Shot Details: Nikon D810, at 58mm, ƒ/4.0, ISO 250 Instagram By: Luan Oosthuizen Shot Details: Nikon D5300, at 55mm, ƒ/8.0, ISO 200 Pexels By: Sem Steenbergen Shot Details: Olympus OM-D E-M1X, at 14mm, ƒ/8.0, ISO 800 Instagram By: Aleksandar Pasaric Shot Details: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, at 61mm, ƒ/10.0, ISO 100 Instagram By: Ivandrei Pretorius Instagram By: Sem Steenbergen Shot Details: Olympus OM-D E-M1X, at 12mm, ƒ/8.0, ISO 800 Instagram By: Úrsula Madariaga Instagram By: Aleksandar Pasaric Instagram By: Xi Xi Shot Details: iPhone X, at 4mm, ƒ/1.8, ISO 40 Instagram…

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shouldn't worry about having the best kit

I want to shed some light on Lightroom by sharing seven quick and easy Adobe Lightroom tips and tricks that can help any photographer, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Lightroom can be a bit overwhelming at first. It’s different from other photo editing programs in that it’s focused first and foremost on organization, and then on editing. That’s a good thing, of course, but it can also lead to confusion and misunderstanding when you first get going with the program. I know that I personally didn’t “get” Lightroom at first, and I had many “What the heck is this?” moments when I was starting out. I guess in my head when I first started out, I had pictured Lightroom being like my (admittedly skewed) impression of what I thought Photoshop…

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masterclass how to shoot perfect pet photography

By: Marco de Groot Shot Details: Nikon D3400, at 42mm, ƒ/5.0, ISO 1250 Instagram By: Gilberto Reyes Portfolio By: Gilberto Reyes Portfolio By: Dominika Roseclay Shot Details: Canon EOS 70D, at 29mm, ƒ/4.5, ISO 800 Instagram By: Pixabay Shot Details: Nikon D610, at 75mm, ƒ/2.8, 10/400s ISO 320 Website By: Helena Lopes Shot Details: Canon EOS 6D, at 35mm, ƒ/1.4, ISO 640 Instagram By: Wendelin Jacober Shot Details: Canon EOS 6D, at 85mm, ƒ/1.2, ISO 2500 Instagram By: Caio Resende Shot Details: Nikon D3200, at 35mm, ƒ/3.2, 1/50s ISO 400 Instagram By: Charles Photography Shot Details: Canon EOS 6D, at 40mm, ƒ/5.0, ISO 640 Instagram By: Viktor Smith Shot Details: Pentax K-5, at 50mm, ƒ/6.7, ISO 100 Portfolio…

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how to shoot perfect pet photography

If you look through most people’s camera phones, you’ll probably see more snapshots of their pets than anything else! People love photographing their pets and it’s always fun trying to capture their unique personalities. But photographing animals can be challenging. You can’t tell a pet how to pose for the camera and keeping them still in the first place isn’t always easy. However, with a little time and patience, you can get wonderful photographs of your pets. In this article, I’m going to show you how. EQUIPMENT Although you don’t need a lot of specialist equipment to photograph pets, I would always recommend that you use a camera that allows you full manual control over your settings and ideally one with interchangeable lenses. When it comes to lenses, I’m usually the first to recommend prime lenses,…

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featured photographer: bridget davey

Photographic Speciality/Style: Colourful and Natural Dog Photography Creating Images of our furry companions which will last forever. Short Bio: See the World as Dog's Do. Running with the Wind and chasing Leaves. I am Bridget, the red-haired girl behind the camera at Bridget Davey Photography. I am madly in love with Dogs … well everything furry with four legs and a waggy tail or bum really. A little bit about me. I LOVE Nutella and sitting in the window on a rainy day with a cup of Earl Grey Tea. I get lost in books. I love to explore the world with my camera, going to restaurants in Asia where no one speaks English, getting up at 3am to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat and walking for miles to see the lonely tree in…