Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 90

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass Magazine Flay lay photography has become one of the most popular styles of photography on Instagram, and involves photographing something flat and from above to give a bird’s eye view of objects. It can be adapted to photographing almost anything and the creative possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. In this issue we show you how to capture fantastic flat lay photographs that can easily be achieved in your own home! Also in this issue - in our expert guide, we run through a conceptual photography photoshoot from concept to creative and a behind the scenes end to end walkthrough of creating advertising imagery. You'll discover how to edit in Lightroom using the "Dark Mode" technique in a great video tutorial. We also bring…

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how photography caused the toilet paper famine

The toilet paper famine was STUPID. The cause, however, is fundamental to how photojournalists capture images that accompany news stories. Visual storytelling that will be consumed by mass audiences must be simple - the entire image must support the thesis of the underlying story. This leads photojournalists to seek out visually exaggerated stories. In this video, I give you my theory on how photojournalism's tendency to seek out hyperbolic visual stories led people to panic about a toilet paper shortage that wasn't really there-which in turned caused a very real toilet paper shortage. I'll also dig into other images, including the spring breakers in Florida, and misleading pictures that show almost no traffic in LA or Times Square. I'll show you how those pictures are taken and teach you the…

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photoshoot - from concept to creative

Sometimes it can be difficult enough to think of an idea for a photo concept to start with, let alone trying to actualize what you have in your head. ‘Advertising imagery’ is a tricky idea to quantify because almost all B2B photography services are selling something and can be loosely described as advertising imagery. What we’re going to focus on is slightly conceptual product photography and the process of having an idea in your head and carrying that through the shooting process, and retouching workflow in order to achieve a finished result. IDENTIFYING A CONCEPT Being given free reign on a concept is pretty rare in this industry, but there may be times that you come across projects where the client just wants you to crack on and go mad on a shoot. This…

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masterclass how to create fantastic flat lay photography

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how to create fantastic flat lay photography

Flat Lay photography is simply photo graphing something flat and from above to give a bird’s eye view of objects. It’s become increasingly popular, partly due to the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, where the style is frequently used. Traditionally, flat lay was used to photograph food and clothing but it can be adapted to use with photographing almost anything. In this article, I’m going to show you how to achieve fantastic flat lay photographs that can easily be achieved in your own home. EQUIPMENT AND SETTINGS Although you can shoot flat lay photographs with a steady hand, you’re going to get the best and sharpest shots if you use a tripod. You will need a tripod with a head that can point directly downwards over your flat lay composition. Ideally,…