Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 92

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass Magazine Birds are a challenging photography subject. They move quickly and can often be fairly small, meaning that they take a certain amount of skill to capture accurately. In this issue, we look at the equipment and techniques you need to photograph birds and produce beautiful images. Also in this issue - In our expert guide, we look at the best computer monitors for photographers. You'll discover an amazing trick to recover shadow detail in Photoshop, in a great video tutorial. We also bring you an in-depth interview with Kyle Dean Reinford - a Nashville-based photographer specializing in editorial, documentary and live music photography, who has photographed the likes of the Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, David Guetta & Daft Punk, to name but a few.…

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editor’s choice

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i hiked to the most beautiful place in california & didn't take a single photo

The journey every landscape photographer takes is a circle. When you first start out, it's all about the experience of being outside, and wanting to capture better photos of those moments. But somewhere along the way photography becomes all about the image, and the experience is relegated to the back seat. If you've ever said something like "what's the point of going for a hike in the middle of a cloudless day?" then you're in this zone. But when this happens, when you make photography a destination or a goal that has to be achieved, you get tunnel vision and start to miss out on all the magical things going on around you in the moment. Over the past few years I've begun giving up on the idea of photography…

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the best monitors for photographers

Most photographers will happily spend money on cameras and lenses, but we’re less inclined to think about computer equipment and the effect it has on the post production of our images. For those of us who are primarily interested in the taking of photos, monitors are usually a long way down the list of considerations! So in this article, I’m going to run through the tech specs of monitors and help you to choose the right one for your needs. WHY IS YOUR MONITOR IMPORTANT? A good monitor allows you to view your photos in detail, whist also giving you complete color accuracy. It means that you can print images with a complete color spectrum and also means that you can share them with an accurate color space. It’s also far easier to edit…

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video tutroial: monitors for photographers

In this video I’ll tell you what types of monitors suit photographers. In photography it’s important to use a monitor that produces accurate colour reproduction and is easy to calibrate. I’ll tell you what ones are best to buy on a budget and give you short review on the one we choose to use here at TSoP which is the BenQ SW271 monitor. This is a 4K monitor and has a wider colour gamut which is a real help, especially if you’re printing your images. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The School of Photography deliver high-quality photography courses online, in person and in books, and are a leading provider of photography education to schools and colleges in the UK. You can follow more from The School of Photography on their website, Facebook, Instagram and…

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video tutorial: amazing trick to recover shadow detail in photoshop

It can be hard to capture detail in both the shadows and highlights of an image because the dynamic range of most cameras is too small. A lot of the time the dark areas of your images will come out looking black. In this video we show you a quick way to bring back detail into your shadows without disturbing the highlights. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Phlearn is a small, fast and flexible company comprised of creative and passionate photography professionals. Our fun and innovative company creates Photoshop and Photography tutorials for photographers in all phases of their career. Find out more on Phlern's website, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram…