Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 96

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editor’s note

Welcome to this edition of Photography Masterclass Magazine Real estate photography is a genre that’s always going to be in demand. One of the things that helps a listing stand out is great images. But taking appealing photographs of properties requires knowledge and the right gear. But that doesn’t have to mean investing in a lot of expensive new equipment. In this issue, we show you how to get started with just the kit you have! Also in this issue - In our expert guide, you'll learn 7 tips for better composition. You'll discover practical advice for being more intentional about the colors in your images in a great post-processing video tutorial. We also bring you an in-depth interview with Belgian photographer, Thomas Vanoost, who shares his "visions of daily chaos" in the…

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video: video wont make this photography me popular

In this landscape photography video I share some in-the-field photography that I chose not to share earlier because I was worried the images would not be popular. I discuss the pressure to conform on social media and how I held back from sharing images that I personally like. I show 2 photographs, both shot on film. The first image is on Kadak Porta 160 and the second is captured using Fuji Velvia 50. I hope you enjoy the video. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I love being outside and I love the never-ending challenge of trying to portray ‘that feeling’, you know, the warm evenings at twilight, the sense of isolation when you have a mountain to yourself, the sound of waves lapping the shore of an empty beach. My images are all about…

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7 tips for better composition

The term ‘composition’ means the way in which something is put together or arranged and, in its most general terms, photographic composition is the way in which you compose an image through particular framing. There are hundreds of tips out there for better composition, depending on what type of photography you’re doing! Some are basic tips that every photographer should be aware of and, of course, others are more advanced. In this article, I’m going to look at some of those tips that I think will help you improve your imagery. Let’s get started. THE RULE OF THIRDS AND THE GOLDEN RATIO (FIBONACCI SPIRAL) The Rule of Thirds is the most basic of composition rules but it’s an essential one to learn as it’s the basis for well-balanced shots. The idea is…

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video tutorial: create better compositions - the most important rule in photography

Struggling with how to make a good composition? Learn this one simple rule and improve your photos dramatically. About the Author: Howdy! I’m Josh Cripps, head photo nerd here at Pro Photo Tips. I discovered nature photography in late 2006 and was instantly and irreversibly hooked. Somewhere along the way I discovered that I love teaching other photographers all the little tips, tricks, and chunks of knowledge I’ve learned over the years. And while I do love teaching workshops, in 2014 I decided I wanted to reach more photographers, and to help photographers around the world improve their skills. I recorded a few videos for YouTube and before I knew it they were surging in popularity and people were clamoring for more! It was clear there was a huge need in the…

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video tutorial: controlling color in your photography (hue, saturation & luminance)

In this video I give you some practical advice for being more intentional about the colors in your images, and how to limit your colour space in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop using the Hue, Saturation and Luminance tool (or HSL sliders). I also give you examples of complementary and analogous color schemes from the world of cinema, and talk about what we mean when we say we are trying to achieve a 'cinematic look' to our photography. About the Author: Sean Tucker is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in London. His stills work focuses on Portraiture and Street Photography, and he runs a YouTube Channel where he seeks to inspire and encourage other creative people on their own journeys. Follow him on his Website, YouTube and Instagram…