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shoot in golden autumn light

Light is the most important ingredient in photography; but far from performing a purely functional role, light can introduce powerful moods to shots, as well as making different subjects look visually interesting. For landscape images, shooting around sunrise and sunset is best, as you’ll be able to take advantage of soft, colourful light from the low sun. Shooting macro subjects after sunrise or late afternoon works well too, because the low sun can create dramatic sidelight, which when combined with reflectors can create strong effects that look as controlled as off-camera flash, but without all the hassle. For these situations, and when shooting in bright light generally, a polarising filter can be an invaluable accessory – not only does it take the edge off harsh light, it can also increase saturation,…

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capture wildlife and its seasonal activity

Wildlife is a challenging yet rewarding subject, and in autumn you can take amazing wildlife shots in your back garden, the local park or one of the many deer parks up and down the country. Deer are an incredible subject at this time of year, but smaller animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs and wildfowl also make exciting images, and are much more accessible. For these smaller animals, shooting from a laying position or low to the ground will provide the most aesthetically pleasing shots, because you’ll be at the animal’s level rather than looking down on them. Shoot early in the morning around sunrise or close to sunset for the best light, and use a lens such as a 70-200mm or a superzoom to get in close. To entice animals closer, always…

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nik collection 3

www.dxo.com £125/$149 With the release of version 3, Nik Collection is now a set of eight plug-ins. Six were originally developed by Nik Software and sold individually, then bought by Google and sold as a single suite, with the addition of Analog Efex Pro; they were then discontinued and given away free, and finally rescued by DxO and relaunched as a commercial package. During all that time, most of the plug-ins have hardly changed at all. DxO added En Vogue presets and new film looks in the previous version, but it’s DxO Nik Collection 3 that has had the biggest update, including the new plug-in. The rest, however, look very much as they always have. For most software that would be a bad thing, but the Nik Collection effects have a ‘timeless’…