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beethoven: a universal force

After a family dinner the other night, my niece asked if I could play her favourite ‘song’. She was referring to the first movement of the ‘Moonlight’ Sonata. I always play it for her when she visits me, and she loves it every time. That’s the power of Beethoven: a universal force. I love Beethoven, because however long I spend working on the score – goodness knows the hours, days, months and years I’ve spent on Op 110! – I know there’s always more to learn. Igor Levit also understands that with Beethoven, more than any other composer, the learning process is never-ending. He has now recorded all 32 sonatas for Sony (I’ve heard them, and they’re marvellous) and he talks to Peter Quantrill about the struggle, and the joy, of…

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win a complete set of the beethoven sonatas

Answer the question correctly, and you could be the lucky winner to receive this complete set of the Beethoven Sonatas, kindly donated by reader Ralph Thompson. Deadline for entries is 20 March 2020. What is the Opus number of Beethoven’s ‘Appassionata’ Sonata? A Op 53 B Op 57 C Op 81a Answer to page 4 competition in issue 110: B: Friedrich Wieck. Congratulations to winners Peter Collinson (North Yorkshire), Jo Hensley (Norfolk) and Margaret Stubbs (Sunderland). ENTER ONLINE AT WWW.PIANISTMAGAZINE.COM…

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your chance to have your say

Tennis not for all Having read Alisdair Hogarth’s very interesting article (‘Finger Fitness’, which appeared in issue 111), I was surprised when he mentioned W Timothy Gallwey’s book, The Inner Game of Tennis, as an aid to musicians. Is he unaware that Gallwey, in collaboration with Barry Green, has actually written The Inner Game of Music? It is an excellent book which I can thoroughly recommend. Ruth Hughes, Cumbria, UK Alisdair Hogarth responds: Dear Ruth, thank you for your message. I am delighted that you found the article interesting! Yes, I know about the music version of the book and it is wonderful, of course. I mentioned the tennis one because I personally find it fun to think about these ideas in an area that is different to my specialism of music –…

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celebrating beethoven 250th anniversary

What better place to start than with ‘A’ for Sir András Schiff. He has several Beethoven-themed performances scheduled throughout 2020, starting out with an all-sonata recital programme (including the ‘Moonlight’) at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall on 29 March. If you’ve already got plans that night, don’t worry, he appears at the same venue two days later on 31 March – with a different assortment of sonatas (the ‘Les Adieux’ included). Schiff takes that second programme over to New York for a performance at Carnegie Hall on 2 April. He returns to London in late May to complete his cycle of the Beethoven piano concertos at the Barbican, with conductor Iván Fisher and the Budapest Festival Orchestra. Schiff began the cycle – together with said orchestra and conductor – in November 2019,…

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spring is in the air at hastings

While most festivals take place during the summer months, the inaugural Hastings International Piano Festival kicks off towards the end of February, and will feature top classical pianists, singers, songwriters, dance groups and more. The first concert on the classical end of the spectrum is the Classical Gala Concert (29 Feb) at the White Rock Theatre, with Martin James Bartlett (pictured, second from left) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Bartlett will play Ravel’s Concerto in G and is joined by winner of the 2019 Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition, Fumiya Koido (Rachmaninov Concerto No 2) and Prizewinner Sylvia Jiang (Liszt Concerto No 2). Pianist contributor and concert pianist Lucy Parham appears at the same venue on 1 March. She is joined by actors Patricia Hodge (pictured, second from right) and Alex…

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thoughts on the five

What have you learnt by taking on the task of recording all the concertos? I have learned that, as you climb a mountain, you also have to reach deeper inside yourself with every step. I also learned to be in the moment and always stay in touch with the internal silence – where Beethoven himself was, where he gave birth to the sound he could hear in that space. Is there a particular concerto that you prefer to play? I decided to practise all five concertos every day for two years – from the First Concerto in the morning to the Fifth in the evening. I cannot say that I had a particular affinity with any one of them: I love them all because each one leads to the next, until the experience…