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Visit our Small Presses and Literary Magazines databases to find detailed information, such as reading periods, editors’ advice, and submission guidelines, for more than fifteen hundred spots to send your work. Keep track of your submissions to magazines and small presses using our Submission Tracker. Never lose sight of how many times you’ve submitted your work, the amount of money you’ve spent on reading fees, how much time has passed since your last submission, and more. Read the expanded interview with Gloria House of Broadside Lotus Press. Check out excerpts of the debut books by our fifth annual 5 Over 50 authors. Listen to exclusive recordings of Tyree Daye, Felicia Luna Lemus, and others reading from their new books featured in Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books Begin. Read Ten Questions, our weekly series…

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editor’s note

THE LITANY OF CRISES AND CONCERNS THAT ANYONE WITH an iota of social, political, and environmental awareness is coping with these days needs no repeating here. It is delivered daily through our televisions, phones, radios, newspapers, and computers. It is chanted in the streets. It fills the air above the forests, pushes the oceans ashore. It is inscribed in the darkness above our beds. This issue of the magazine was put together during another stretch of stressful months by the talented people on the masthead and in the table of contents a few pages back. Nothing I write here can do justice to the creativity and teamwork on display during the production of every issue, but perhaps because this is the last of the year—the majority of which was spent working…

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Poets & Writers Magazine welcomes feedback from its readers. Please post a comment on select articles at www.pw.org or e-mail editor@pw.org. Letters accepted for publication may be edited for clarity and length. LETTERS Feedback from readers I want to say thank you for giving voice to so many beautiful Black writers in “I’m Writing to You: Letters From Writers of the Black Literary Community” (September/October 2020). As a Black professional journalist, a newspaper reporter no less, I often feel alone and love to read/hear/see my brothers and sisters in print and online. The letters were poignant, welcoming, familiar, and oh so true. I’ll keep this issue in my car to read again and again when I’m on road trips for stories or just waiting for an appointment. As a Black father, husband, son,…

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the clifton house

On the ninth anniversary of poet Lucille Clifton’s death, her eldest daughter, Sidney Clifton, felt a strong desire to be back in her family’s former home in Baltimore. She decided to call the owner, who told her the house had been put up for sale that very day, February 13, 2019. A reunion with the house seemed fated, and Sidney Clifton jumped at the chance to buy her childhood home. Soon the space will once again be filled with the energy and cheerful noise of artists at work and in conversation as the poet’s family develops the Clifton House as a place where new generations of artists can flourish. In 1968, Lucille Clifton and her husband, Fred, a professor and activist, bought the house at 2605 Talbot Road and moved in…

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LATOYA JORDAN is a writer from Brooklyn, New York. Follow her on Twitter @latoyadjordan. GILA LYONS’s writing on mental health and social justice has appeared in the New York Times; O, the Oprah Magazine; Cosmopolitan; and other publications. THEA PRIETO’s fiction, reviews, and interviews have appeared in Longreads, the Masters Review, and other journals. The author of From the Caves (Red Hen Press, 2021), she writes and edits for Propeller and the Gravity of the Thing. Her website is theaprieto.com. DANA ISOKAWA is the senior editor of Poets & Writers Magazine. INDIA GONZALEZ is a poet, educator, and artist. She lives in Harlem, in New York City.…

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page one

“These are the late poems.” Dearly (Ecco, November 2020) by Margaret Atwood. Fifty-third book, eighteenth poetry collection. Agent: Karolina Sutton. Editor: Daniel Halpern. Publicist: Caitlin Mulrooney-Lyski. “Deep in the mountains of Akishina where Granny and Grandpa live, fragments of night linger even at midday.” Earthlings (Grove Press, October 2020) by Sayaka Murata, translated from the Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori. Seventeenth book, seventh novel. Agent: Kohei Hattori. Editor: Peter Blackstock. Publicist: John Mark Boling. “I belong to the nation of wild arms flailing in wind.” My Name Will Grow Wide Like a Tree (Graywolf Press, November 2020) by Yi Lei, translated from the Chinese by Changtai Bi and Tracy K. Smith. Ninth book, poetry collection. Agent: None. Editor: Jeff Shotts. Publicist: Caroline Nitz. “The North Star is irrelevant / miles and miles above…