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Popular Photography December 2016

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speaking volumes

This season, I’ve unwrapped everything from the Museum of Modern Art’s Photography at MoMA: 1920 to 1960, the second volume of its complete collection catalogue, to Senior Dogs Across America, photographer Nancy LeVine’s environmental portraits of elderly canines. But the box of books I was most excited about was Get the Picture: 150+ Ways to Make the Most of Your Camera by Dan Richards. Yes, that Dan Richards. Our former senior editor retired in 2014 after 25 years at Pop Photo, but he continues to write for us from time to time as a contributing editor. Indeed, when we were deciding who on our staff should write up all 24 of the editors’ picks for our 2016 POP Awards (page 56), we decided instead to assign this 10-page feature to our…

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home on the range

For 10 years, photographer Luis Fabini has explored a fascination with real-life cowboys from behind the lens for his series Cowboys of the Americas. During a visit to Pitchfork Ranch in Texas, he observed the annual spring roundup by a crew of 15 cowboys and their 150 horses. While watching ropers catch horses amid the herd, Fabini was inspired to start photographing. “The light, the early morning, the energy of the horses, the skills of the cowboys, the starting of a new day,” he remembers. He shot handheld with a Nikon D700 and a 24–70mm f/2.8G Nikkor AF-S lens zoomed to 48mm and later converted the image to black-and-white to highlight the play of light and shadow.…

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JUST OUT YEAR’S END Full-Frame Flagship SONY ALPHA 99 II Sony’s new A-mount DSLR has a backside-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor with 399 autofocus points integrated into a five-axis stabilization system, all while capturing 42.4MP images. An additional AF sensor with 79 phase-detection AF points maintains focus while automatically tracking subjects and shooting up to 12 fps. There’s no optical viewfinder, just a high-res EVF. $3,198, street, body only; sony.com Wide Or Die ROKINON AF 14MM F/2.8 FE No longer confined to manual-focus lenses, Rokinon recently released a number of autofocus optics, including this wide-angle prime for Sony’s full-frame E-mount ILC bodies. At f/2.8, it’s not remarkably fast, but its 14-element, 10-group optical formula does include three aspherical and two extra-lowdispersion elements to reduce spherical aberration and color fringing. A multicoated design reduces ghosting and enhances…

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happy medium

STANDOUT SPECS SENSOR: 51.4MP 43.8x32.9mm CMOS AF: Contrast-detect SENSITIVITY: ISO 100–12,800 STREET PRICE: Not yet announced INFO: fujifilmusa.com AFTER YEARS of rumors that Fujifilm would make a digital medium-format camera, the company has finally announced its new GFX system, starting with the 51.4MP GFX 50S body, due out in early 2017. The first three of the six announced lenses will arrive at the same time: the GF 63mm (50mm equivalent in 35mm full-frame) f/2.8 WR; GF 120mm (95mm equiv.) f/4 Macro R LM OIS WR; and 32–64mm (25–51mm equiv.) f/4 LM WR. Fujifilm plans to release 23mm f/4 (18mm equiv.), 45mm f/2.8 (35mm equiv.), and 110mm (87mm equiv.) f/2 lenses by the end of 2017. Like most medium-format sensors, the one in the GFX 50S is smaller than medium-format film. It measures 43.8x32.9mm, the same size as…

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why wait?

Perhaps because they’re tangible objects that cannot be reproduced or shared online easily, instant prints are growing in popularity. Here are some of the newest cameras and a printer to get you started. (You’ll find another, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 printer, among the winners of our POP Awards on page 56.) HP Sprocket $129 This portable photo printer will create 2x3-inch prints from your favorite social media feeds. The device “exposes” images using pulses of heat to activate layers of crystallized dyes in Zink paper. Thanks to Bluetooth and NFC wireless connectivity, you can print through an app for Android and iOS devices. HOT: Can print on adhesive-backed paper for sticker fun. NOT: Can’t print directly from a memory card; near-range wireless only. Lomo’Instant Automat $149 Lomography’s latest has adjustable exposure…

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ghosts in winter

The remains of summers past MALIBU, SAHARA, Monaco—it sounds like an exotic world tour, but you can go to all three in New Jersey! These mid-century modern motels named for sunny locales pepper a five-mile stretch of the Jersey shore, just north of Cape May, known as the Wildwoods. Tyler Haughey first visited the area one January, after the throngs of people had packed up their beach towels and dusted the sand off their feet, leaving these architectural gems to sit lonely and shuttered. Haughey grew up 100 miles north, near Asbury Park, where he witnessed summer tourists vacationing “down the shore” as well as the stark transformation of these beach towns in the offseason. “[I’m] embracing it as part of my identity,” the photographer says. Looking like abandoned film sets…