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rebel rebel

Before you can break the rules, as we suggest in our cover story on page 44, you have to know what they are—and master them. I fi rst learned this lesson as a writer, but the same principle applies to photography. Sure, you can maraud through the medium, snapshooting your way to some eye-catching accidents and perfect shots. But the better you understand what makes a good picture and how to use your tools to craft one, the better you can subvert those norms to create a great picture. Like language, photography has a visual vocabulary, a grammatical structure, poetics; it has punctuation, rhythm, and tones. It can state definitions and hint at metaphors. It can reveal and deceive, instruct and obscure. Your challenge as a photographer is to become fluent…

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drop zone

Juan Mayer, a pro photographer based in Dubai, specializes in group skydiving events. The one shown here is the Arizona Challenge that took place outside of Eloy, Arizona a few years ago. From multiple airplanes, 90 divers leapt within minutes of each other, met in midair, and joined hands to form a pattern. How can you capture a shot like that? With a lot of special rigging. Mayer had two DSLRs—not action cams—and a camcorder all attached to his helmet, and he fired them with a special blow switch. (Tubes run from the cameras to his mouth: He blows, they fire!) The hardest part was not colliding with the guy who dove just after him. He took this photo with a Nikon D90 and 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Fisheye-Nikkor AF DX.…

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tech tools

4K Fun RICOH WG-M2 This tough little 4K action camera dives, drops, and stands up to snow—all without a housing. It can shoot 8MP stills in bursts of 8 frames per second through its 204-degree lens (you can zoom in to 151 degrees instead). And the LCD helps you frame shots without a phone. $300, street; us.ricoh-imaging.com Modern Monopod 3POD ORBIT Made for still and video shooters alike, this four-section aluminum monopod fits a lot of versatility into a convenient package. Weighing just over 2 pounds, it can hold rigs up to 18 pounds at up to 65.5 inches high. Its fluid base ensures smooth-moving video, while its pivoting footed base offers stability in less space than a tripod. $60, direct; adorama.com All-Around DSLR CANON EOS 80D Canon’s newest APS-C-sensor model one-ups the 70D with…

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prime trend

STANDOUT SPECS FOCAL LENGTH: 30mm (60mm or 45mm, equivalent) MAXIMUM APERTURE: f/1.4 MOUNTS: Micro Four Thirds, Sony E MINIMUM FOCUSING DISTANCE: 11.8 inches MAXIMUM MAGNIFICATION: 1:7 APERTURE BLADES: 9 rounded FILTER SIZE: 52mm WEIGHT: 9.3 oz PRICE: $340, street; INFO: sigmaphoto.com BETWEEN GROWING interest in shooting video and a certain ennui with zooms’ endless focal-length choices, prime lenses are back in style. And not just for DSLR shooters. Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony interchangeable-lens compact (ILC) owners now have a new choice: Sigma’s 30mm f/1.4 DC DN C lens. While not as immediately versatile as a zoom, this fixed focallength glass offers a fast maximum aperture and iconic field of view (equivalent to 60mm on Micro Four Thirds and 45mm on Sony E-mount bodies) at a $340 street price. The new 30mm is Sigma’s first optic in its Contemporary lens line made exclusively…

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beam shapers

WHETHER YOU add light with a hotshoe flash, cool and constant LEDs, or studio and location strobes, your photography will benefit from greater control of the output. Here are some intriguing new accessories that to soften, broaden, or otherwise reshape your lighting. 1 Vello Octa Softbox for Portable Flash, 12-inch $20 Editorial and event photographers aiming to soften the output from their speedlights need look no further. Its octagonal shape is intended to create circular catch lights in portraits and reflective surfaces, while the softbox itself contains an optional interior diffuser to further dampen the harsh light of smaller flashes. HOT: Fits almost any accessory flash and ships with zippered case. NOT: Attaches to speedlights without Velcro, which some may not trust. vellogear.com 2 Impact Smoothy 360 Degree Globe Diffuser, 12-inch $60 Planning an…

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revolving skies

CONVERSATION, INSPIRATION, CONTESTS, AND YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED WHEN MARVIN ORELLANA moved to a new apartment in Astoria, Queens, in 2013 and saw the sun setting over New York City, he did what most would: took a photo with his phone and posted to Instagram. What started as a simple, unplanned reaction to a beautiful view turned in time to a full-blown social media series titled Astoria Escapes. “From that point on I became the child who can’t wait to get out of class and go play in his room,” Orellana remembers. “Every day was a moment of magic, surprise, and beauty.” The photographer continued shooting the same view each evening and posting his images to Instagram in order to share what he saw with others. “I wanted everyone to be with me in…