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Reader’s Digest New Zealand November 2019

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windswept beauty

Just a few days into my trip to the Shetland Islands, the Scottish subarctic archipelago across the sea from Norway, I found myself on the top of a cliff face, peering through the fog at a huge rock in the North Atlantic Ocean. The rock was topped with the Muckle Flugga lighthouse, built in 1854, a mind-boggling feat as the rock’s cliff face juts straight up out of the roiling sea. At this most northerly inhabited point in the UK, I felt a profound sense that I was very far from home. BOATS AND HOUSES ARE PAINTED CHEERFUL COLOURS THAT BURST AGAINST THE OVERCAST SKY I had disembarked to this spot from a bus at the top of the tiny island of Unst, the most northern and rocky of the Shetland Islands, with…

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twice the dads, twice the money

A Brazilian judge handed down an unusual judgement in a paternity case that involved identical twin potential fathers. The mother of a baby girl filed a paternity suit against ‘Twin A’, who accused ‘Twin B’ of being the actual father, reported the BBC. The identical twins refused to admit who the father of the baby girl was in an attempt to avoid making support payments. DNA tests showed an equal probability for the two men to be the father, so the judge ordered them both to pay maintenance for the daughter. As a result, she will receive twice as much as she would with only one father. “One of them is acting in bad faith in order to hide the fact that he is the father,” the judge wrote. “Such…

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10 simple busy box ideas kids will love

Every parent needs a few tricks up their sleeve for entertaining their kids that don’t involve screens. Enter busy boxes, DIY kits that are guaranteed to delight your kids and give some minutes of peace. (These are appropriate for kids aged three years and up.) Pom-pom sorting Perfect for toddlers who are learning their colours, this busy box is easy to put together and can be stocked with a visit to a cheap variety shop. All you need is a muffin pan and a bag of brightly coloured pom-poms. Show your toddler how to sort by colour or size and then let them take over, so you can get a few things done while they play. Button bracelets Create a busy box that will help your toddler develop his fine motor skills using two…

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where have all the bugs gone?

Sune Boye Riis was enjoying a bike ride with his youngest son through fields and woodlands when it suddenly occurred to him that something was amiss. It was summer. He was out in the countryside, moving fast. But he wasn’t eating any bugs. For a moment, Riis was transported to his childhood on the Danish island of Lolland. Summer bike rides meant cruising through thick clouds of insects. Inevitably, he swallowed some. When his parents took him driving, the car’s windshield was frequently smeared with insect carcasses. But he couldn’t recall the last time he needed to wash bugs from his windshield. Where had all those insects gone? I met Riis, a lanky high school science and maths teacher, on a hot day in June 2018 at his home north of Copenhagen. From…

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maintain your purpose in life

Every January for the past 20 years, I have taken a few moments to ponder the answer to the big question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ It’s one of those enormous questions that is so important – philosophically and practically in terms of how we live our lives – and yet we never stop to really think about the answer. Given that you might be able to formulate your response in less than a minute, the wisdom-to-effort ratio for this philosophical exercise could not be more advantageous. I tend to ponder such things as the creator of the Wisdom Project, an online collection of writings about the wisdom in everyday life experiences. Doing this simple exercise might even help you live longer. According to two separate studies published in 2014 –…

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readers share what brings meaning to their lives

Spreading Warmth Helping those in need. I make blankets for children’s hospitals, pet blankets for animal shelters and shawls for the elderly. CHRISTEN LIPPINCOTT Collecting Memories, Not Stuff Stop buying trinkets that give you momentary pleasure. Rather, make memories that will last a lifetime. Travel and visit as many places as you can, reconnect and build friendships, and take plenty of photos along the way. Memories have given me much more long-lasting happiness than any physical object can bring! SRIRAM SRIDHAR Building Literacy I truly believe we can change the world one person at a time, which is why I became a literacy volunteer. Nothing is more memorable than the look in the eyes of an adult when he or she reads for the first time. You know for as long as they live they will remember…